News Man abused and shot at exit N281 near Heerlen...

Man abused and shot at exit N281 near Heerlen | Inland


The man drove from Geleen in the direction of Heerlen when he saw that two other motorists were in contact with each other: they threw cans from one car to another. The drivers drove a Porsche and a Volkswagen Golf.

The 26-year-old motorist’s car from Spaubeek was hit by a flying over can. This irritated the man.


The two cars then forced the man from Spaubeek to drive onto the exit towards Hoensbroek. At the bottom of the exit, his car got jammed and he was beaten and shot at by the occupants of the two cars.

The police are looking for witnesses to this mistreatment and threat. Anyone who has seen the situation or who has other information is asked to contact the police.


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