Man (21) injured by stabbing in home after possible quarrel with homeless person: ‘Guild of pain’ Inland

Neighbors first heard an argument and then the word stop several times. They also heard him scream in pain. Three local residents immediately rushed to the apartment on the fourth floor and banged on the door. They tried to kick in the door but couldn’t. The seriously injured man lying in front of the door shouted: “It’s locked. I can’t open it.”

The alerted police quickly arrived and opened the door with a battering ram. At the door, officers found the badly injured man bathed in blood. He would have been stabbed several times. Emergency services resuscitated him.

Homeless young man

Neighbors say the victim is a 21-year-old man. The perpetrator is said to be a homeless young man who temporarily lived with the victim and his father. He would stay there for about two months. The quarrel may have arisen because the guest had to leave the house because the residents would move.

The police are investigating the house. The victim was rushed to hospital.

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