Man (19) robbed during a failed ‘date’ in Zoetermeer


Instead of a first date with a woman he met online, a 19-year-old experienced what it was like to be robbed. That happened on Friday afternoon at the Heuvelweg in Zoetermeer.

The man from Utrecht had an appointment with the woman around 3 p.m. He arrived at the agreed time in the parking lot of the football fields next to it. He informed his date that he was there and she indicated waiting for him on a park bench.

As the man walked to the bench, two boys emerged from the bushes. The boys threatened the victim and showed a knife. For example, the Utrecht judge was forced to hand over the things he had with him.

Black hoodies

After the robbery, the victim was sent away, when he came out of the park he saw the two boys cycling away. He was received by two passers-by. The police would like to get in touch with the husband and wife and any other witnesses.

Whether the woman with whom the victim had agreed was involved in the robbery has not yet been announced. The two robbers both wore black hooded hoodies and white masks. They also both wore dark colored pants. One of the boys is known to have a white skin color, reports the police.

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