I wore the glasses I wore at Mohanlal’s wedding to Pooja: Burroughs’ Mammootty

Each look of the elegant evergreen Malayalam actor Mammootty creates waves. There is no other actor who gets so many likes for photos of him shared on social media.

Many people describe Mammootty as a wine that gets stronger with age. He is also credited with being the most up to date actor with the times.

But colleagues say Mammootty is not only about acquiring new things, but also keeping a lot of old things, including clothes, and still using them.

In an interview before the release of his new film Roshak, he and actor Sanju Sivaraman talked about Mammootty’s different collections.

The anchor asked if Mammootty has a large collection of cars. In response, Mammootty said he is selling his old car and buying a new one and has no collection.

After that, Sanju talked about Mammootty’s other collection. Mammootty has another collection, albeit not of cars. I showed him a picture of him with Muhammad Ali and asked him when it was taken. It was a photo from 1993. Then Mammooka said that I too had worn the shirt seen in that photo last month.

It was only when he asked that he learned that the mirror that had been used that day was also in Mammuka’s hands. She still has that viral mirror from the Laleton wedding, “Sanju said.

After this, Mammootty also said that the glasses she was wearing that day had been put in Burroughs’ poop.

Mammootty’s look at Mohanlal’s wedding wearing a jubba, trunk, and refreshing glass has been very viral recently. Social media celebrated parts of the video from that 1988 wedding.

That day, the photos of Mammootty wearing a white jubba, body mirror and slightly elongated hair for Pooja in Mohanlal Burrows’ debut film were causing a sensation. Mammootty wore Michaelappa’s look in Amal Neerad’s Bhishma Parva.

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