Mama Rosa Comes Home with a Skinny Man, Andin Instantly Crys until Reyna does this in a love bond

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – soap opera predictions Love Bond June 1, 2022possibly telling about Andin who was moved when he saw a foreign figure come to Pondok Pelita.

Andin did not expect the biggest surprise in his life to finally arrive as well. Andin can hug the man she loves the most besides Papa Surya.

In the previous episode, Andin indeed being made dizzy and uncomfortable with the attitude Elsa who always accuse Andin as a cause of death Keisya.

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Andin even told this to Angga to make Michi’s husband shake his head.

Angga can’t understand the mindset Elsa until you can accuse Andin as the perpetrator of the murder of Keisya.

No one justifies the accusations Elsaincluding her own husband, Nino.

Elsa was rejected by Ammar Mahendra as wife Nino it asks for legal assistance to Ammar to sue Andin over death Keisya.

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