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For some time now, hackers have managed so that Facebook Messenger users could be tricked and scammed through a message that you have to click on to access the system and thus the account and other information of the person.

This is malware that reaches people through a message supposedly sent by one of the friends of the social network, which pretends to warn of a video in which it appears, which is false. If you have received a message saying “I think you appear in this videoor a similar phrase, be careful, pay attention and keep an eye out for recommendations.

The malware that tells you “I think you appear in this video” in Messenger

According to the cyber security company Kaspersky, It was announced that in Latin America there are 45 cases per second of information theft. In the case of Mexico, this is in second place after Brazil, where more cases have been recorded.

The most common phrases that have been associated with this malware presented on Facebook Messenger are:

  • I think you appear in this video
  • Are you the one in the video?
  • Why did he tag you in this video?
  • I can’t believe you are tagged in this video.
  • You look so silly in this video.
  • Why are you in this video?

Also, there are times when the message begins with the person’s name so that it seems that it is addressed by someone you trust or one of your contacts. This malware has been around for a few years now. social media in some countries.

These types of messages are sent by cybercriminals randomly, the hyperlink directs the victim to a new fake page that asks for the Facebook user data, including the password, in order to view the video. Thus, when entering the data, it goes directly to the hacker, who can enter the profile without complications and the affected accounts are used to continue spreading the virus to other contacts.

In this type of situation, the Cyber ​​Police recommends:

  • Do not open the link of the supposed personal video in Messenger.
  • Frequently change passwords on devices and access to social networks.
  • Use the two-step verification to prevent other devices from connecting to your accounts.

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