Malsburg-Marzell: Challenging budget consultations – Malsburg-Marzell

The head of the accounting office, Benedikt Merkel, spoke of a dubious need for funding of 471,300 euros. This means that there must be a return flow from the investment area. To make matters worse, the consequences of the current partial lockdown have not yet been taken into account in the draft plan. The November tax estimate is still pending.

Measures are still pending

The available liquidity is around 755,000 euros. But there are already some measures to be implemented: These include, for example, improvements in the water supply for a total of 734,000 euros, for which a grant of 559,400 euros will be made, road maintenance, which is subsidized with 170,000 euros, and the Creation of a land use plan (28,000 euros).

Aid package needed

After deducting all the planned expenses, according to Merkel, there are only 213,500 euros that are still to be distributed. The new construction of the Talstrasse bridge to the building yard is not yet included in the draft budget (we reported).

“The community has its back to the wall – like everywhere else,” said Merkel. There must be further aid payments. However, he does not expect corresponding commitments until after the state elections on March 14th.

Pleasing, but ultimately irrelevant for the overall picture of the household: for the first time in 2021, a factor for large municipalities will be included in the allocations. Malsburg-Marzell will also benefit a little from this. It will get better in the budget year 2022. Until then, the amount for the municipalities should be doubled again. “There is a rethinking,” said the chamberlain.

The budget deliberations will now be challenging for the local council.


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