Malina and her granddaughter set fire to…

Gloria will have to defend her title of “most beautiful grandmother in the chalga”

Pop folk is the genre of young grandmothers in our country! For nearly two years, the “primate” Gloria has been working for the “team” of the ladies whose children gifted them with grandchildren. Before her, however, another pop folk favorite, Malina, became a grandmother far before she turned 50.

She often posts photos with the little doll that bears her name (as well as little Galina, Gloria’s granddaughter).

Little Malina turned 5 a day ago. Her famous grandmother used the opportunity to officially congratulate her on Instagram. For this purpose, the singer published photos in which the little one is dressed like a princess. It seems the party was themed and along with the tribute balloons were the royal ladies. That’s how little Malinka shined in the middle of her favorite characters and a beautiful cake like from a fairy tale.

However, to the dismay of fans of children’s parties, the proud grandmother was busy with shiny elements, but also with … sneakers. It was the unexpected fashion choice that provoked good-natured sneers from fans. Malina’s elegant outfit undoubtedly made an impression, but with it we rather expected an elegant choice of shoes. The singer is one of the most popular legends in the industry and usually emphasizes relatively stylish outfits, writes

Although she has put on a lot of weight in recent months, the little one’s birthday is no reason not to eat cake. Although Gloria automatically took the performer to the list of popular pop folk grandmothers, after Galina was born, Malina’s granddaughter is already well-known on social networks. Her grandmother uses at least every birthday to show her off to fans. Happy next birthday to her!

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