Malika Ménard’s unexpected and festive message on Instagram

After a beautiful love story that lasted a year, Malika Ménard and restaurateur Christophe Juvile ended their relationship in the summer of 2021. Before this romance, the pretty brunette with light eyes was in a relationship with singer Ycare in twice, between 2016 between 2017 then between 2018 and 2019. Before that, the beauty queen also lived a two-year romance with comedian Michaël Cohen. In 2014, it was with Lyon footballer Clément Grenier that the pretty young woman appeared…

Since her coronation in 2010, the former Miss France has therefore rarely found herself single for a long time. But this year, she celebrates her first anniversary… of celibacy! “Today, we are celebrating the 365 days that we have just shared. I confess that at the beginning, as in every beginning of a relationship, there was a mixture of excitement, desire and apprehension… the famous fear of the unknown: Were we going to succeed in cohabiting? I was going to support this relationship which induces no attachment, no emotional dependence, no commitment. she wrote on Instagram this Sunday, June 26.

“Here we are, a year later. Who would have thought? Certainly not me, I did not have a long-term projection for both of us. A few months, a bandage relationship as we like to call them, seemed largely sufficient. And yet, a whole year has just passed and here we are tamed” she continues.

After a very long assessment of her sentimental life, the former Miss Normandy, who will celebrate her 35th birthday next July, concludes: “Today is the party: happy one year, dear celibacy. Thanks to you, I have been able to truly pay attention to myself, forgive me, discover myself, rediscover myself and become aware of some of my unsuspected strengths”.

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