Malik Monk, season breakthrough player for Los Angeles Lakers

No one could have imagined that, at this stage of the season, much of the success of Los angeles lakers was going to depend on a player like Malik Monk. This talented 23-year-old player had not managed to establish himself in the league and saw in the call of the Angelenos almost an ultimatum to show that he can be something more than an eternal secondary player, and even tertiary. At this point, the only doubts that persist around him are whether he can qualify for individual awards that reflect his tremendous improvement and make the whole world see the merit of being a starter and performing at an exalted level in a squad full of stars and illustrious names.

From the beginning, good old Malik was almost the only one of the secondary players signed by the Lakers who responded to the expectations of opening the field, offering spaces to the stars and shooting effectively. Of the many signings made by those in purple and gold, Monk is almost the only one with a true path of the future and around which there could be expectations of growth, but no one expected him to assume so naturally the responsibility of being the main lieutenant. from Lebron James. With Davis’ injury, the perennial debate about what Westbrook contributes and subtracts and the lack of continuity from other secondary players, Monk’s figure emerges strongly averaging spectacular numbers, and even more so since he left the starter.

Malik Monk, Pyrrhic salary and excellent performance

Much is said about the possibility that Los angeles lakers add some other cash on the perimeter, one of the candidates being Buddy Hield, recognized as one of the best shooters in the league. However, if we compare the numbers between the two we realize the supremacy of Malik Monk With respect to this in all the parameters of the game, thus an exorbitant salary difference. And it is that Monk earns only $ 1.7 million, something that does not represent by far the impact he is having on his team’s game. His commitment is beyond question and if he continues in this vein, he could become a vital player on the way to the lakers ring.


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