Malaysia-Singapore difference when other countries are worried about Omicron from Africa


New variant corona virus that is Omicron alert the world. However, Indonesia’s two neighboring countries, namely Malaysia and Singapore take a different attitude when other countries are worried about the variant of Africa that.

Omicron or variant B.1.1.529 first discovered in Botswana, the southern African continent. The world is restless. But not with Singapore and Malaysia.

Precisely after the closing of the border in the last two years, the land border between the two countries, which is one of the busiest in the world, was reopened starting Monday (29/11) local time.

As reported by Reuters and AFP on Monday (11/29/2021), the easing measure will enable people who have been vaccinated against Corona to cross the border between the two countries without needing to undergo quarantine.

Before the Corona pandemic, around 300,000 people used to travel across the border from Malaysia every day to Singapore, to work in sectors ranging from public transportation to electronics manufacturing.

But most travel has stalled since March last year, leaving people previously commuting between the two countries, and Malaysians in Singapore, effectively stuck as they need to continue working.

Starting Monday (29/11) local time, every Singaporean and Malaysian citizen who has been fully vaccinated against Corona, as well as those who have permanent resident status and work permits can cross the 1 kilometer border road that separates the two countries without having to be quarantined.

Travelers say:

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