Malaysia Masters 2022: Hendra/Ahsan Step into the Finals!


Semifinal Malaysia Masters 2022 serve Hendra/Ahsan vs Liang Weikeng/Wang Chang. The Daddies win two straight games!

Semifinal Malaysia Masters 2022 took place at Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur, Saturday (9/7) afternoon WIB. In the men’s doubles on court 1, there was a duel between the Indonesian pair Mohammad Ahsan / Hendra Setiawan against the Chinese pair Liang Weikeng/Wang Chang.

The Daddies won the first game 21-19 and 21-14 in the second game.



The first game started, the score was tight 4-4. Buying and selling blows quickly happened.

Hendra/Ahsan could take the lead, but Liang/Wang continued to squeeze. Score 6-6.

10-9 For Hendra/Ahsan, Wang failed to return Hendra’s cross. The first interval belongs to Hendra/Ahsan 11-9, after another smash from Ahsan failed to be returned by Wang.

Hendra/Ahsan stepped on the gas again, but Liang/Wang continued to squeeze the distance. Ahsan seemed to protest to the referee and asked for a challenge because Liang’s service failed, the challenge was a success 13-11.

16-14 Hendra/Ahsdan still lead. An overhead shot from Hendra came in.

Ahsan gave a service flick that Wang failed to return, 18-16. The score returned to the same 19-19 after a service flick from Wang failed to be returned by Hendra.

20-19 Game Point for Hendra/Ahsan when Liang’s punch hits the net itself. Hendra’s cross came in, The Daddies won the first game 21-19.

The second game started, the score was still tight. Liang/Wang went ahead 4-1, after Wang’s punch targeted Hendra’s body.

Hendra/Ahsan approaching 3-4, after dropshot Ahsan entered. 6-3 Liang/Wang kept their distance because Hendra’s two punches got stuck in the net.

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8-4 Liang/Wang away again. Hendra mis-observed the ball that turned out to be at the end of the field.

The interval in the second game was owned by the Chinese pair 11-8. Wang ate the ball.

Liang/Wang keep playing fast tempo. However, Hendra/Ahsan have not given up, they tried to get closer to 10-12 after Wang’s smash ended up in the net.

The score was the same as 12-12, Hendra’s hard blow was returned by Liang which ended in an out.

Hendra / Ahsan back to lead 16-13. Hendra’s fast game at the front made it difficult for the Chinese pair. Wang complained that the voices of Indonesian fans were too loud.

Wang received treatment afterward, as he sprained his leg to chase the ball behind him.

Match point for Hendra/Ahsan 20-14. The challenge requested by the Chinese pair failed because the ball actually fell right at the end line.

21-14 The Daddies win after Ahsan let the ball out! The Daddies continue to the final Malaysia Masters 2022.


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