Malaysia Asks Thailand to Extradite Transgender Pose at Kaaba

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Authorities Malaysia ask for Thailand extradite its citizens, transgender from Malaysia, Nur Sajat Kamaruzzaman.

Nur Sajat was arrested by the Thai immigration authorities because of immigration problems in that country.

Previously, Nur Sajat caused a stir in Malaysia after showing off a pose in front of the Kaaba of the Grand Mosque, Saudi Arabia, wearing women’s prayer clothes, a mukena.

Launch daily Metro, the arrest was made on September 8 after receiving information that Nur Sajat was in Bangkok, Thailand.

The cosmetic businessman was arrested by Thai immigration authorities at a luxury condominium in Bangkok.

The Immigration Department of Thailand revealed that it had detected Nur Sajat’s presence in their country since March based on a report from the Malaysian Police.

“On June 4, the Thai Immigration had stalked Nur Sajat’s whereabouts in one of his luxury apartments in Bangkok. After conducting a passcode and surveillance, raids were carried out on his hiding place,” said a source from Harian Metro.

“Nur Sajat was arrested and the Thai immigration authorities confirmed that he was indeed a person who fled Malaysia.”

Nur Sajat himself was arrested for immigration violations on September 9. However, he was released on September 10 after one of his colleagues identified as Misha gave a ransom of US$2000 or equivalent to Rp28 million.

Now Nur Sajat is called back to a luxury condominium in Bangkok. Malaysian authorities are currently negotiating with Thailand to extradite its citizens.

Malaysia wants to try Nur Sajat because he is accused of violating Sharia Law by wearing women’s clothes in front of the Kaaba in 2018. The transgender man has also lived in Bangkok for a long time.

“The negotiations were quite difficult, but we are optimistic about bringing him (Nur Sajat) home,” said a source from Malaysia.

“The difficulty is because it involves international intervention between two countries and organizations that hinder (extradition),” he continued.

Nur Sajat himself was absent from a summons by a Malaysian court in February this year over a case of posing for a mukenah in front of the Kaaba. Since then, he has been designated on the Royal Malaysian Police’s wanted list (DPO).


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