Malaga continues with the lowest vaccination in Andalusia in flu and fourth dose of Covid

Malaga is the Andalusian province with the lowest vaccination coverage against flu and the fourth dose against Covid. A reality that some health workers explain by the demographic composition of the province, with a greater number of community foreigners in whose countries of origin the vaccination indicators are also lower. And another piece of information: despite the initial fears of the pandemic in the face of this new infectious agent, the inhabitants of Malaga they now protect themselves more from the flu -which has a coverage of 56.4%- what about the coronavirus -48,5%-.

Regarding this pathogen, of the people aged 60 or over who in the province can get the fourth dose (or second as a memory), that aforementioned has hardly been inoculated 48,5%. Less than half. It is the lowest percentage in the autonomous community. Córdoba -with 63.8%- is located at the other extreme, with the highest vaccination coverage against SARS-Cov2. The rest of the provinces range from Jaén with 61.5% of people aged 60 or over vaccinated, Seville with 60.2%, Granada with 58.5%, Huelva with 57.1%, Almería with 54.7% and Cádiz with 52.7%. In total, 1,076,731 doses (52.9%) have been administered in Andalusia.

If more population is not vaccinated, it is not for lack of facilities, given that immunization is free and is done in health centers close to the homes of the inhabitants of Malaga. In addition, there have been points of walk-in vaccination with which it is even easier for people to inoculate themselves, if they wish.

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Until last Tuesday, in the province the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) had administered 3,799,377 doses against Covid. According to the data then made public by the Health counselingUntil then, a total of 1,419,686 residents in Malaga had received the complete regimen (two doses) and 251,099 had received the second booster dose (four doses).

According to the gripe, the coverage in Malaga -although it is also the lowest in the autonomous community- is greater than that registered against the coronavirus. In this province, vaccination immunization reaches 56.4% of the population aged 65 or over. At the other extreme is Jaén, which has a protection of 73.7%. They are followed by Córdoba with 72.1%, Granada with 66.9%, Seville with 64.4%, Huelva with 64.2%, Almería with 64.0% and Cádiz with 57.9%.

The administration of the fourth dose against Covid has been progressive. It began with the elderly admitted to residences, who are the most vulnerable, and then it went down in age. The appointment can be requested through the usual channels: the ClicSalud+ website, the Salud Andalucía APP, the Salud Responde APP, by phone with Salud Responde at 955 545060 or by contacting the corresponding health center.

As reported by the Health counseling, during this fall, it is recommended that all people 60 years of age or older receive a booster dose to boost immunity against circulating variants of Covid. For most of them it will be second booster dose; that is, the fourth puncture in total. They will receive a dose of bivariate vaccinewhat includes the original and the Omicron.

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The Health Administration indicates that to receive the booster dose (either the second or the first), you must wait at least five months since the last infection with Covidexcept in people over 80 years of age, people who have a high degree of immunosuppression or who live in nursing homes, in which at least three months must be waited since the last infection with this virus.

Young people and adults are vaccinated more now against other pathologies than before Covid

The pandemic valued vaccines. He was a side effect. For this reason, since this global epidemiological crisis, a increase in vaccination against other infectious diseases. Now young people and adults are more protected against papilloma, meningitis or pneumococcus, among others. Whether due to fear or conviction in the role of vaccine immunity, but the percentage of coverage has increased.

In general, the protection in the childhood is very high in Andalusia, with figures that are around 95%. But in adolescence and adulthood, coverage tended to drop. After the Covid it has experienced a rise. It is also true that the improvement of the vaccination schedule has contributed to this. For example, before, only the vaccine against meningitis C and now the SAS also covers protection against types A, W, Y and B at no cost. For this, two vaccines are included in the children’s calendar, one that includes the variants A, C, W e Y and another against the B, which before many parents paid out of pocket. And since the beginning of January, vaccination protection against human papilloma virus (HPV), which was already administered to 12-year-old girls, has been extended to males of that age.

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