Making Corona Vaccines Threatens the Life of Sharks, How Can? Movement in cyberspace to save shark so as not to be a victim of pandemics Covid-19 is increasing.

This call came after last September, the Los Angeles-based shark protection group Shark Allies posted on Facebook and made a petition on about the dangers it faces. shark population.

The threat to the survival of these sharks when countries in the world are racing to find them corona vaccine.

As quoted from Phys, Saturday (10/10/2020) sharks are a source of important ingredients in vaccine manufacture which is known as squalene.

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This material can be found in a variety of plant sources, but can also be extracted from the liver of sharks, because of its cost effectiveness and abundance.

Squalene will later be added to vaccines to increase the body’s immune response.

However, behind this, there are concerns that the race for vaccine production could lead to countries that do not have shark fishing regulations to take unsustainable amounts of harvesting.

So, this certainly can endanger the survival of these marine predator species.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified squalene as an ingredient in the Covid-19 preclinical vaccine. However, the WHO does not list where squalene comes from.

“This could create a potential catastrophe for sharks and humans as these resources are unsustainable or unreliable for the mass production of the Covid-19 vaccine,” wrote Shark Allies at

The Shark Allies petition calls on regulators and manufacturers involved in the squalene and vaccine industry to include non-animal squalene in all current and future product testing, amid efforts to develop a coronavirus vaccine to fight back. pandemic Covid-19.


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