Makerspace Gießen wants to offer 3D printing workshops for schools

The VDI-Bezirksverein Mittelhessen is now a sponsor and educational partner for 3D printing in Makerspace Gießen, in order to enable all people to be educated in modern technologies.

The Association of German Engineers is now an education partner and sponsor for 3D printing.
(Photo: Makerspace Giessen)

GIESSEN – (red). The VDI (Association of German Engineers) District Association of Central Hesse is now a sponsor and official educational partner for 3D printing in Makerspace Gießen. MAGIE – Makerspace Gießen is a non-profit project, active in the Central Hesse region, with a focus on openly accessible education in digital topics and technologies, from 3D printing to artificial intelligence.

The chairman of the association, Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Zientz says: “The VDI district association Mittelhessen brings people together in the most diverse areas of engineering and sees itself as a networker and mediator of education. In particular, he attaches great importance to promoting young people. We are therefore all the more pleased to be entering into an educational partnership with ‘Makerspace’. ”

Like the VDI, the Makerspace intends to enable everyone to be educated in modern technologies. More about the Makerspace Gießen project, an open workshop for digital production, can be found at This is a joint project of the Technology and Innovation Center Giessen, the two universities of applied science Mittelhessen and Justus Liebig University Giessen and the creative agency “flux – impulse”. Among other things, the project is already being funded by the city and district of Gießen and other regional companies. The Makerspace has also been a non-profit project since May of this year.

With the support of the VDI District Association of Central Hesse, Makerspace Gießen can hold six free 3D printing workshops for schools per year. The project goal of providing all people in the region with education in modern technologies without hurdles is thus moving a little closer. Nils Seipel, co-leader of the project, sees the common values ​​of the cooperation partners: “We are delighted that we have been able to win such a strong, established partner for our young project – research is important to us – exactly the values ​​that which VDI also represents. In addition, like the VDI, we believe that an understanding of technology is an essential basis for our society. ”

How much the VDI District Association of Central Hesse is committed to the education and networking of young people is shown by its offers, such as the VDIni Club for children from four to twelve years and the VDI Young Engineers, the VDI network for prospective engineers and young professionals. In order to continue to pursue its vision, Makerspace Gießen needs further sponsors who would like to support the project in the future. However, you are also happy about financial donations of any amount, which help to maintain and expand the project.



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