Make supplies, the Czech city invites residents. You are spreading panic, the locals are furious!

On Friday, a list of recommendations related to the Covid-19 disease appeared on social networks and on the official website of the municipality of Neratovice. Among them is, for example, the provision of protective equipment with their own money. And for about one to two months.

“Veils, respirators FFP2 or higher protection class, eye protection, or protective clothing (coat, overalls) with long sleeves and gloves. At its discretion,” the city said. It also recommended that people purchase supplies of disinfectant gel for hands and surfaces.

“We also recommend securing the necessary supplies of durable food and water for about 14 days,” the management added. “In the event of an emergency, the city will provide assistance in the field of protective equipment, especially for the most vulnerable category – seniors 70+ and other risk groups (such as cancer patients, patients after organ or bone marrow transplantation, or people with severe obesity, etc.), which can be expected severe course of the disease, “he specified.

Although the city administration emphasized that the epidemiological situation in Neratovice is favorable and is really only a recommendation, it garnered criticism from its inhabitants not only for its approach. “Why is there panic again? You can’t be serious,” Mrs. Monika is angry.

“Can you please tell us why you’re making such a crazy recommendation that, at best, just annoys citizens and makes you panic at worst?” Mrs. Carolina is furious. “The recommendation was issued on the basis of the conclusions of the extraordinary crisis management meeting of the Central Bohemian Region held on 4 August 2020,” the city informed. However, none of the surrounding municipalities has anything similar on their official website.

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There has also been criticism from politicians. The mayor of Prague’s Reporyje, Pavel Novotný (ODS), announced that he had filed a criminal complaint and described the list of recommendations as spreading an alarm message. The actions of the city were also condemned by the epidemiologist Roman Prymula.

For more information, see the evening TV newspaper, which starts at 7:30 p.m.

In terms of the epidemic, Prague is currently still the worst off:

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