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As the number of newly diagnosed HIV patients is decreasing year-on-year, Taiwan has considerable experience and standards in antiviral drug treatment, screening services and access channels, but there is still room for improvement. quality of life of infected people and social prejudice and discrimination must be improved. GSK Taiwan, which has long been concerned about HIV, established the “Act For Better Love (AFBL)” in early 2022, hoping to provide more support to local community groups in Taiwan and have more HIV prevention, education health and resource research.

According to data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2020, 90% of Taiwanese infected people know they are infected, 93% of infected people take medicines and 95% of people taking medicines have undetectable viruses; this is comparable to the global average in 2020 Compared to the value of “84-87-90”, Taiwan’s performance shows the results achieved by all walks of life in drug screening and control over the years.

However, the results of the “AIDS Awareness Online Survey” presented by the Taiwan AIDS Society and the Taiwan AIDS Nursing Society in the same year showed that as many as 50% of the population still had a negative impression of HIV and 40% of the people had a negative opinion about the person and the path of infection, there are misperceptions or negative thoughts, it is obvious that discrimination and public stigma against HIV still exist. At the same time, according to the “AIDS Awareness and Anxiety Survey” jointly launched by the Taiwan Lourdes Association, the Taiwan Infection Journal Association and GSK Taiwan in the same year, about half of the public (48.2%) did not understand “U = U “. (That is, Undetectable = Untransmittable; if the virus cannot be detected, it is not contagious.) But after explaining what “U = U” means, 45% of the public’s attitude towards the infected person changed to less fear . Both surveys showed that there is still room to improve public awareness of HIV issues and, by strengthening disease education, will help eliminate prejudice and discrimination against HIV-positive people in society. In addition to the Taiwanese people’s awareness of HIV issues, improving the quality of life of infected people and proper planning for the long-term care of the elderly in the future are all areas that Taiwan has not yet perfected.

To continue supporting the rights and interests of people living with HIV, GSK Taiwan established the “Make Love Better Project” in 2022. The “Make Love Better Project” is a platform based on “project support”. Each year, HIV experts from different fields, HIV / AIDS rights organizations and scholars will jointly select the most suitable for the HIV / AIDS community and health. as plans for future needs, to give substantial help. In 2022, the “Make Love Better Project” platform selected five different projects, ranging from HIV disease prevention, screening in remote areas to the needs of foreign infected people, etc. The “Make Love Better Project” hopes to accompany these programs to grow and prosper, Taiwan will become a country with zero infections, zero discrimination, a high quality of life for infected people and a leading country in the Asia-Pacific region:

Association for the promotion of the rights of people infected with AIDS “Beyond borders: AIDS support and advocacy beyond borders”

Organize and write frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the rights and interests of foreign infected persons, so that foreign infected persons who come to Taiwan can obtain the necessary information and produce a multilingual instructional video of the “Application for Importing Medicines for personal use “to ensure that foreign infected people have legal access to drugs and guarantee their right to treatment. It also updates and compiles informative articles about infected people traveling abroad and publishes them on the website to ensure that HIV-infected people can maintain stable medications, suppress the virus, prevent HIV transmission and maintain their quality of life wherever they are.

Taiwan Care Foundation“Love belongs, old age ends, video shooting project for HIV treatment”

When HIV-infected people are faced with the need for long-term care, they often seek institutions but cannot enter them. I hope that through the film the needs of HIV-infected patients for long-term care will be conveyed to society. Waiting for the near future, all infected people will love and belong to them, and they will end up in old age.

Red Ribbon Foundation「Know your status」

Disease prevention and control as a framework. Including primary prevention, to conduct HIV health education and publicity advertising in 627 national HIV screening days; secondary prevention, to promote the concept of early screening and early treatment and the establishment of a correct concept of HIV prevention and control, to achieve and improve the three indicators (95% – 95% -95%); tertiary prevention refers to screening for positive cases, assisting referrals for medical treatment and achieving the goal of maintaining health.

Taiwan Lourdes Association/ Pasty Alliance “White Paper on Living Conditions and Actions of Infected People in Taiwan / Pasty Alliance 2022 Legacy Camp”

We have seen the needs of HIV-infected people of different ethnic groups gathered and, under the advice of other workers and community partners, jointly formulate what services HIV rights organizations can continue to provide to the community in the future. “Listen: the voice of love (I)”, she designed a two day and one night course. The activity can be divided into three parts: the laboratory of the imagination for the mature age, the translation of the story: the performance “Island Bar” and the chat room with love. Through each interactive and highly communicative activity, listen to the thoughts of each infected person.

Love Hope Association“Make the best love – let love be fearless”

The plan consists of three parts: “Hehe! HERO like it!” Channel plan, “South of the Border” remote area plan and “Love Without Fear-Cross Sea Action” outer island plan. “South of the Frontier” and “Love Without Fear-Crossing the Sea” are HIV awareness campaigns and regular screening activities in remote areas and outlying islands, while “Hehe! HERO Likes it!” is a humorous YouTube channel, Promote HIV-related health education knowledge.

The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will promote the “Phase 1 HIV Eradication Plan 2030” from 2022 and comprehensively promote various HIV prevention and discrimination efforts. The “Make Love Better Project” hopes to work with CDCs and Taiwanese HIV community groups to build a friendly, inclusive and non-discriminatory environment, improve the quality of life of infected people, and pay attention to long-term health and continuing needs. of assistance Reduce the plight of those living with HIV, promote equality in health and achieve the goal of eliminating HIV by 2030.

NP-TW-HVU-PRSR-220001 Date of Preparation: August 2022

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