Make Haru! This Woman Treats The Cleaner Who Breakfast Alone


See janitor who ate alone, this woman sadly remembered her father. Without thinking he immediately bought food and drinks for breakfast.

Many people are not so lucky that they still have to work hard in their old age. When meeting these hardworking figures, it is not uncommon for many people to be touched and feel sorry for them.

Especially for manual workers who are quite old. His profession that requires quite a lot of energy will certainly be so draining.



A woman shared her moment when she met a janitor that touched her heart. Eating alone with shaking hands was able to touch this woman’s heart.

Meeting the janitor who eats alone, this woman feels sad remembering her father. Photo: 8 Days

Citing Must Share News (3/7) a woman named Shafinaz who was in the Orchard Road area saw janitor who is eating alone. Shafinaz, who was also having breakfast in the Far East Plaza area, immediately felt touched when he saw it.

In front of him he witnessed how a middle-aged man ate alone with a lunchbox of bread and peanut butter. The man’s hands even seemed to shake as he spread peanut butter on his bread.

Shafinaz, who immediately remembered his father, immediately took a noble action. He visited the man and then ordered several types of drinks and snacks to complete the man’s menu.

“The longer you pay attention to it, the more I imagine myself with my parents. My father is also a janitor,” said Shafinaz.

Make Haru!  This Woman Treats a Cleaner Who Breakfast AloneImmediately he immediately bought food and drinks for the man. Photo: 8 Days

The figure of the worker he met reminded him that his father had a tough day. Even Shafinaz admits that he imagines that his father will be the same age as the male worker he meets.

Shafinaz said that many middle-aged workers are often encountered in Singapore. He hopes that Singaporeans can be kinder to those who are starting to be vulnerable.

His strength is no longer enough to work day and night, so he is forced to support his family. Examples like janitor whom he met at breakfast.

Shafinaz only hopes that the elderly can get better attention. Both from the State and from other residents who are still younger and live more affluently.

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