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Major failure of the UBS computer system – Inside Paradeplatz

UBS is experiencing one in these hours
Major failure of your system. Since this morning there is a so-called
Severity Code 2 error.

According to literature, this means the failure of “major portions of the software“. According to an insider, the bank is currently “running hundreds of internal applications”.

The electronic works effectively
Banking at UBS for hours. And Twint wouldn’t either
go. UBS is trying Apple Pay with the cashless payment solution
to beat.

The failure was confirmed by the UBS media office at 9 a.m. this morning. One could not say anything about the extent and reasons yet and would get in touch again.

Dead line: UBS E-Banking (IP)

If that applies to hundreds of
Programs are not running, that would be one of the major failures
at the leading bank in Switzerland. So far, your system has been more stable
than that of other banks.

So recorded at the beginning of the year the ZKB problems, Postfinance is also said to have had failures.

But the problem at UBS could now be far more serious. Depending on how long it takes for the applications to run fully again, UBS clients are cut off from access to their funds.

Out of order (IP)

Nothing is currently running on mobile either, as calls show. “UBS Mobile Banking is currently not available,” has appeared on the cell phone since early morning.

The extent to which communication inside the bank is affected is also not yet known. Here too, the question arises of how operations can be maintained efficiently during these hours.

With every hour that the major outage lasts longer, the problem becomes bigger and more serious. Shortly before 10 a.m. nothing was still going on.


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