News Major events remain until the end of October, prohibited

Major events remain until the end of October, prohibited


Updated on 17. June 2020, 11:46 PM

The prohibition of large events may continue until October. The multiple media reports citing a draft resolution. Also a common sequel to the rules for minimum distance will be discussed and school openings.

More current information on the Coronavirus, you can find here

Major events such as folk and street festivals or fair events may be due to the Corona pandemic may until at least the end of October, prohibited. The with other countries coordinated draft resolution of Bavaria for the Prime Ministers ‘ conference this Wednesday, which is present the German press Agency. First of all, RTL and ntv, as well as the “mirror reported” about the possible continuation of the ban.

From countries in circles, it was said, to the template, which should also serve as a basis for the Meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) in the afternoon (15.00), had already been worked extensively with the Federal Chancellery. Was open, however, whether the point would be big occurrence of the event at the end of at all in the final decision of the Prime Minister with Merkel.

Common sequel to the rules for minimum distance

The countries aspire to in addition, according to a draft agreement on the joint continuation of rules to the minimum distance and Hygiene. This was drawn after the last drifting apart individual rules in the countries in doubt. At the country side, a possible agreement was highlighted this point as being significant.

In the template, it means that the minimum distance of 1.5 metres, increased Hygiene measures, as well as Wearing mouth-nose-coverings in public areas, in particular in public transport and in retail, had been proved “and will continue”.

Citizens are encouraged to keep their contacts to other individuals as low as possible. After Thuringia and Brandenburg in their loosening of the rules at times are more, it was thought possible that in both countries the Protocol, make declarations to the point.

Regular operation after the summer holidays

The countries aspire to – and continue to show a positive history of infection events – in addition, at the latest, after the summer holidays in school as a rule, return to operation, on the basis of the protective and hygiene concepts.

“Timely” should also be from the emergency care to an as complete as possible, as a rule, the child-care operation to be returned offers. An agreement was also reached on this point was settled at the country side as an important Signal for a common approach.

Representatives of the countries and also the President of the conference of Ministers of education, the Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of education, Stefanie Hubig (SPD), had already announced several times that if you want to after the summer holidays back in the control of the schools. Hubig had argued in this connection for one end of the distance to the schools. (awa/dpa)

Since the early hours of the morning of the 16th. June 2020, the German Corona-Warning is App interested people to Download on the Smartphone. Their use is voluntary and the tracking of chains of potential Infection.



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