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the journalist Maity Interiano She has just taken a big step in her professional career by being named as the new host on the newscast of Univision which is broadcast on weekends.

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However, in order to achieve this new stage in his professional life, he has had to leave the leadership of “Wake up America”, a program in which he has been for more than 10 years and which he considers to be his home.

The award-winning Honduran Emmy He confirmed this with some motivating words for his fans, whom he also thanked for all the support provided on his Instagram account.

“Extremely happy and grateful to be able to share this news with you. Our date is now on Noticiero Univision Fin de Semana. I await you with the same passion and commitment to inform, listen and tell your stories and address all the issues that interest us and serve us all. Thanks for all the support always”, indicated

As expected, this news has caused great sadness to her millions of fans who will no longer see her in that space, although they will be able to witness the next stage of her life as a journalist.

Of course, now they will have to get used to a new schedule in the programming to see the journalist, who always dreamed of this opportunity since she came very young to do her internship on the channel in question.

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Maity Interiano during her farewell from the program in which she was for 10 years. (Photo: Wake up America / Instagram).


To say goodbye to its flagship driver for more than 10 years, the production of “Wake up America” prepared a program with many surprises for Maity Interiano, in which her family was included. As expected, the presenter could not avoid tears throughout those minutes.

But the surprises would not end with what was seen in the space of Univision Well, his colleagues, through social networks, sent him an emotional message of farewell and encouragement for the new professional challenge that he will face from now on.

Luz Maria Doria

“The one above is that young woman who did her internship at Univisión in 2005 and who at that time took a photo with the proudest mother in the world. The one below is the same girl who, many years later, is the new host of the Univision Weekend Newscast. What happiness to see his dream come true after witnessing his early mornings, late nights, running around, and efforts. I love you so much Maity and we are all very proud of you. Thanks for inspiring us!”

Yisus Diaz

“Here we are going to miss your professionalism, your good attitude, your disposition. I am going to miss your human warmth, your sincere friendship, your valuable advice and much more. Thank you and I hope to continue present in all the beautiful moments that you still have to live.

Jessica Rodriguez

“Congratulations Maity Interiano. Tomorrow we will all be connected to the Univisión news You are an example to follow “

Raul Gonzalez

“My Honduran princess. That’s what I called her from the first moment she became part of the great team of ‘Despierta América’. It has been 10 years of dedication, struggle and much sacrifice that today is reflected in a dream come true. I wish you the best, because you deserve it, because I know this is what you want, because you were born with a passion for journalism in your veins. The best in the world my Maity. God bless you today and always. Starting tomorrow you will be the official presenter of the Univision weekend newscast. That pride”

Francisca Lachapel

“And with you the new Co-Anchor of Univision’s weekend newscast. God’s time is perfect. I feel so happy for you. What a joy to see you grow, to see you succeed, to see you fulfill one of your dreams. You deserve everything beautiful that is happening to you and this is just the beginning. Keep working and giving yourself to your work the way you do. You take that great leap and all of us who love you celebrate with you Maity Interiano. This weekend I am ready to see you shine.”

Karla Martinez

“Dear Maity Interiano. It has been a pleasure working with you, watching you grow and fight for your goals. You are a great example that dreams come true. Success in this new stage that you begin. I am sure that you will give yourself and make the most of it as in all the opportunities you have had in your life. I love you very much and I am very proud to say that I worked with the now co-anchor of the Univisión weekend newscast.”

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