Mainz: election result & winner constituency 205 – federal election 2021

Dhe polling stations are closed, the 20th German Bundestag has been elected. A total of 60.4 million people in Germany in 299 constituencies were called upon to elect their representatives in the new German Bundestag.

In the Mainz constituency, too, every adult with German citizenship had two votes: With the first vote, the constituency representative was directly elected from 299 constituencies. With the second vote you chose the national list of a party.

In the Federal Republic of Germany a total of 61,168,234 voters were registered in 2021.

Daniel Baldy, SPD, wins direct mandate in the Mainz constituency

Mainz will be represented in the coming legislative period by Daniel Baldy from the SPD party in the German Bundestag.

The result of the first votes at a glance:

SPD, Daniel Baldy: 49,847 votes (24.9 percent)

CDU, Ursula Groden-Kranich: 47,208 votes (23.6 percent)

GRÜNE, Tabea Rößner: 37,390 votes (18.7 percent)

DIE LINKE, Gerhard Trabert: 24,887 votes (12.4 percent)

FDP, Klaus Friedrich Karl David Sartorius: 14,432 votes (7.2 percent)

AfD, Sebastian Münzenmaier: 10,316 votes (5.2 percent)

FW, Gerhard Wenderoth: 4,761 votes (2.4 percent)

Volt, Florian Thomas Köhler-Langes: 2,131 votes (1.1 percent)

Ind., Markus Heil: 2,155 votes (1.1 percent)

dieBasis, Jörg Heuser: 2,096 votes (1 percent)

The PARTY, Daniela Janice Zaun: 1,839 votes (0.9 percent)

ÖDP, Michael Ruf: 1,446 votes (0.7 percent)

PIRATES, Bodo Noeske: 1,116 votes (0.6 percent)

The Humanists, David Thomas Bernhard Kaufmann: 486 votes (0.2 percent)

Federal Parliament election 2021: Distribution of the second votes in Mainz

SPD: 53,866 votes (26.7 percent)

GREENS: 46,284 votes (23 percent)

CDU: 42,709 votes (21.2 percent)

FDP: 23,211 votes (11.5 percent)

AfD: 10,789 votes (5.4 percent)

DIE LINKE: 9,419 votes (4.7 percent)

FW: 3,609 votes (1.8 percent)

the base: 1,980 votes (1 percent)

Animal Welfare Party: 2,025 votes (1 percent)

Volt: 1,740 votes (0.9 percent)

The PARTY: 1,599 votes (0.8 percent)

Team Todenhöfer: 1,246 votes (0.6 percent)

PIRATES: 968 votes (0.5 percent)

ÖDP: 1,031 votes (0.5 percent)

The humanists: 320 votes (0.2 percent)

V-Party³: 218 votes (0.1 percent)

NPD: 108 votes (0.1 percent)

DiB: 171 votes (0.1 percent)

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Turnout in the constituency of Mainz

In the 2021 federal election, a total of 250,243 voters were registered in constituency 205. The turnout in the Mainz constituency this year was 81 percent. There were a total of 202,776 first votes, of which 200,110 were valid. There were a total of 202,776 second votes in the constituency, of which 200,110 were valid.

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The Mainz constituency voted for the last election in 2017

In the 2017 federal election, the votes in the Mainz constituency were distributed as follows:

First votes:

CDU: 35.7 percent

SPD: 28.1 percent

GREEN: 10.8 percent

AfD: 7.3 percent

FDP: 6.9 percent

DIE LINKE: 6.4 percent

The PARTY: 1.5 percent

ÖDP: 1.2 percent

FW: 1.1 percent

PIRATES: 0.8 percent

Climate listBW: 0.1 percent

Second votes:

CDU: 32.7 percent

SPD: 22 percent

GREEN: 13.2 percent

FDP: 11.3 percent

DIE LINKE: 8.5 percent

AfD: 8.2 percent

The PARTY: 1.2 percent

ÖDP: 0.9 percent

FW: 0.8 percent

PIRATES: 0.6 percent

V-Party³: 0.3 percent

NPD: 0.1 percent

The turnout for the 2017 federal election in the Mainz constituency was 81.3 percent.

In all of Germany, the voter turnout in 2017 was 76.2 percent.

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