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news-body">Ubisoft has two new Far Cry games on the way. The first is a main and numbered installment, Far Cry 7, while the second is a spin-off independent multiplayer, according to the sources of Insider Gaming. my city supports this information and maintains that both projects were mentioned by Yves Guillemot, executive director of the French company, in an internal message sent last week.

Far Cry 7 is known internally as Project Blackbird, while the multiplayer experience is hidden under the code name Project Maverick. The sources consulted maintain that both projects were originally intended to be a single game called Project Talisker, but the plan changed when Dan Hay, executive producer of Far Cry, left Ubisoft after ten years dedicated to the company and signed for Blizzard Entertainment to work on a survival title set in a new universe.

Details about both projects are scant. Kotaku’s sources affirm that Far Cry 7 will leave behind the Dunia graphics engine, a legacy of CryEngine that all the games in the saga have used since the second installment, to embrace Snowdrop, the graphics solution used by titles such as The Division 2, Avatar : Frontiers of Pandora, the remake of Splinter Cell and the open world Star Wars project. About him spin-off multiplayer, Insider Gaming claims that it is a shooter set in Alaska. The development of both projects would be led by Ubisoft Montreal.

Ubisoft has tried to bring several of its sagas to the multiplayer arena in order to bring games as a service to life. Rainbow Six Siege, which has continued to receive support since its launch in 2015, is a case in point. Now it would be trying to do the same with Far Cry, but instead of offering a single game with campaign and multiplayer it seems that it will bet on delivering two separate but possibly related initiatives. Regarding the launch, Insider Gaming affirms that until 2025 none of the titles will hit stores.

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When asked for a statement, a Ubisoft spokesperson limited themselves to saying that they do not comment on rumors or speculation.

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