Main cycle path near Offenbach has to be expanded

Dhe climate-friendly mobility is one of the major political issues in Offenbach. The city is currently working with the Hochschule für Gestaltung on the Intermode project, which aims to optimally connect different means of transport, which should lead to less motorized private transport. Walking and cycling also play a major role.

To do this, the Offenbachers are increasingly using the eleven-kilometer path along the city’s banks of the Main. They are now doing it so eagerly that the magistrate has now decided to fundamentally upgrade the Main Cycle Path. It is to be wider, the lighting is being revised, rest areas are to be set up and information boards are to be set up.

For several years now, the city has noticed an increasing use of the path on the banks of the Main, both by cyclists and pedestrians, reports Planning and Transport Department Head Paul-Gerhard Weiß (FDP). In order to ensure security and clarity for all users, various, sometimes extensive, work is required in the short and medium term, which the city is now getting on its way. According to the information, the increasing use of the path is not only due to leisure activities, but also to the fact that Offenbachers use the path on the banks of the Main to get to their work place and back home.

Three million euros for the renovation

The bicycle traffic officer Ivonne Gerdts from Offenbach’s Office for Urban Planning explains: “The nature of the Main Cycle Path is partly no longer in relation to the use.” Especially on nice days it quickly becomes narrow in some places, and in the evening the route is sometimes bad recognize. The city wants to start planning the individual steps to strengthen the path in the spring.

First of all, the city council must decide on the project, but this can be considered safe. As with almost all projects that the still poor city of Offenbach is tackling, a funding pot has also been identified and an application has been submitted in this case. The costs are currently estimated at three million euros.

Since the Main Cycle Path is part of the nationwide cycle network, the so-called D routes, the federal government could cover up to 100 percent of the expenses from the funding program “Expansion and expansion of the German cycle network”. The city expects a funding commitment from the federal government. If this is available, the planning services should be put out to tender and awarded immediately. The upgrading itself is scheduled to begin in 2023 and be completed in the same year. With the increased attractiveness of cycling and so-called local mobility on foot, the city combines the hope of reducing transport-related CO2 emissions.



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