Maiken Utsi: – Very sad

Former “Paradise Hotel” profile Maiken Utsi (22) needed to get away from the cold and snow in the north, and had therefore booked a holiday trip to Gran Canaria.

It would nevertheless turn out to be an expensive affair for Finnmarkingen, which had booked flights with the company Flyr.

On Tuesday, Utsi got a nasty surprise, when the company filed for bankruptcy and all flights were cancelled.

The Norwegian low-cost airline Flyr informed on Tuesday that it would file for bankruptcy, after several attempts to make the company survive.

– What do we do now?

It was at the beginning of January that Utsi and his friends decided to treat themselves to a trip to warmer areas, more specifically Gran Canaria.

– When we ordered, we knew that Flyr had an uncertain future, but I didn’t think they would go bankrupt within three weeks, the 22-year-old tells Dagbladet.

On Tuesday afternoon, however, a message arrived from a friend of Utsi’s.

– He is quite good with the stock market and shares, and told me that Flyr was at zero – i.e. bankrupt.

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sea ​​view

– The first thing I thought was “What do we do now?”, she adds.

During the evening, confirmation also came from Flyr that the company had filed for bankruptcy. It created complete chaos for Utsi and the future travel companions, who have already arranged for a non-refundable rental car and hotel.

– We started looking around at other airlines, but everything was really expensive!

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– Very sad

Finally, the gang found plane tickets for almost NOK 5,000. The journey includes three stopovers and lasts around 12 hours each way, according to the 22-year-old.

Finnmarkingen says that she has traveled with Flyr in the past and has always been extremely satisfied.

– I have liked them very much. It was always nice staff and cheap tickets, so this is very sad.

The 22-year-old was originally supposed to be away for a week, but the trip is now being extended as a result of the travel chaos.

Utsi says that she will now contact the bank in an attempt to get the money refunded.

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