Mahulena Bočanová is scared: WHO IS THREATENING IT?

Mahulena Bočanová has had terrifying experiences. See what happened right at her house!

Probably nobody envies this. Mahulena Bočanová got up one morning and went to the kitchen, where she found scissors stuck in her worktop. What’s even weirder is that she definitely didn’t put them there.

Is the explanation a ghost, a stranger, or perhaps somnolence? Neither, according to the actress, is a magnet behind it.

“Those scissors fell from the magnet down to the ground and bounced off the kitchen counter,” she explained according to Blesk actress.

But the list of strange things at her house does not end there. She also admitted that the strange situation repeated the next day.

“The plastic soda bottles were cracking and in the morning Márinka from the iPad started playing an application herself like music from a circus. I fuck her,” said the well-known actress.

The fact that she can’t practically go anywhere will certainly not add to the strange coincidences in the household. He is currently in quarantine.

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