Mahesa Putri Reveals the Salary of Being Hotman Paris’ Personal Assistant, How Much?

Jakarta, Insertlive

The figure of Mahesa Putri was in the spotlight after she became a personal assistant or aspri of the famous lawyer Hotman Paris.

That job made Mahesa known to get many endorse offers and appear as a guest star on YouTube artists.

For example, comedian Sule invited Mahesa to appear in video content on YouTube.

On that occasion, Mahesa revealed about his work with Hotman, including the salary issue.

Mahesa said that he had not yet worked with Hotman Paris for less than a month. Even though he has not been paid, Mahesa says he gets a double-digit salary from the lawyer.

“Salary, because I haven’t had a month yet, my salary hasn’t gone down, I think it has to be negotiated, as far as I know, it’s in double digits,” said Mahesa.

Although the exact amount is not known, the salary for a personal assistant is a fantasy. Moreover, Hotman Paris has a total of 24 personal assistants.

“There are 24, times the double digits,” he continued.

“Crazy Bang Hotman, crazy rich this,” said Nathalie Holscher, Sule’s wife.


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