Magic Jindra! Limberský bowed to the Pilsen phantom Staňko after progressing to the playoffs of the Champions League

“Magic Jindra. Hats off to him for his saves. He can support the team in the most difficult moment, he has a great future ahead of him,” explained Pilsen icon David Limberský in a post-match interview for O2 TV Sport.

In the course of the second half, Staněk first caught a bomb under the crossbar, then a reflexive header from three steps. “The head went off the ground. I couldn’t get to the center, I stayed on the line. I didn’t want to go anywhere ahead to react. I’m glad that it worked out and that we then scored a goal to make it two to one. That’s how we broke the match,” praised Staněk.

Editing of the return match of the 3rd preliminary round of the Champions League Pilsen – TiraspolVideo: O2 TV Sport

While the home side managed the first half excellently except for the unconverted penalty (Chorý), after the break they came under a lot of pressure. Sheriff equalized from the penalty spot at the end of the second half and was chasing another goal.

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Law

Stefanos Evangelou from Tiraspol, Pavel Bucha from Viktoria Plzeň and Mudasiru Salifu from Tiraspol during the match of the 3rd preliminary round of the Champions League.Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, The law

“We had a good first half. And second? Tiraspol was clearly better in it, we survived major blackouts. But no one will ask that tomorrow. We advanced to the last preliminary round, we will do our best to get to the Champions League,” added Staněk, who collapsed to the ground after one procedure and required treatment.

“It happened to me during the warm-up, when I went for a long shot. I twisted my shoulder. After those two procedures, I preferred to let it cool down. I hope that the shoulder will be fine in two days,” believes Staněk.

Due to the busy schedule, there is no time for celebrations, which the West Bohemians will enjoy only after the match in the cabin. “We will enjoy the celebrations as much as possible in our heads. We can have euphoria until tomorrow, but after that there will be recovery training and we will start focusing on Saturday’s league with Hradec Králové,” added Staněk.

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