“Magic” aimed to expedite disbursement of investment budget intensively Both government agencies – state enterprises

Archom Termpittayapaisit

Mrs. Pantip Sripimol, Director of the State Enterprise Policy Office (Sor Kor Kor.), Revealed that in the year 2021, the overview of state enterprises can still be disbursed according to the plan. This is because state enterprises have planned disbursements that reflect the actual performance of their operations. And it is expected that in this year 2021, state enterprises will have disbursement goals on a continuous basis, however, the Ministry of Finance will continue to closely monitor the disbursement of state-owned enterprises’ investment funds

And on March 4, 2021, there was a meeting of the committee to monitor budget disbursement and government spending with Mr. Arkom Termpittayapaisit. The Minister of Finance presides over progress and expedites expedite budget disbursement and government spending. Including the disbursement of investment budgets of state enterprises In which the meeting acknowledged the above disbursement results And there should be measures to accelerate the disbursement of investment funds Both government agencies and state enterprises intensely throughout the year In order to have money continuously entering the economy

By the disbursement of investment budgets of 43 state enterprises that are directly regulated by SEPO for the year 2021, state enterprises had the accumulated disbursement of investment budget at the end of January 2021 higher than the target The disbursement can be 78,337 million baht or 107% of the cumulative disbursement plan. Consists of disbursement of investment budget for state enterprises, fiscal year system (From October 2020 – January 2021) 34 places in the amount of 69,599 million baht or 106 percent of the cumulative disbursement plan and 9 state enterprise systems in the calendar year (January 2021), amounting to 8,738 million baht or 117 percent of the plan. Accumulated disbursement

Ms. Piyawan Lamkitcha, State Enterprise Development Advisor He added that at the beginning of 2021, most of the large investment projects could be disbursed as planned, such as the Orange Line Metro Project Cultural Center – Minburi (Suwinthawong) of the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand Suburban Electric Train Project (Red Line), Bang Sue – Rangsit Section of the State Railway of Thailand Extension of transmission system, Phase 12 of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand And construction work to improve and expand water pipes of the Provincial Waterworks Authority

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