Magdalena Pieczonka translates from Blanka Lipińska’s FATAL MAKE-UP: “I did NOTHING BAD”

A month ago, the premiere of the second part of the film based on the novel took place Blanka Lipińska Fri “365 Days: This Day”. The celebrity has been preparing for this event for a long time and even organized a special one a party with the participation of celebrities. From the morning she reported on the preparations on Instastories – she presented creation by the duo Paprocki & Brzozowski and showed how hers are made hairstyle and makeup for the evening.

Unfortunately, the final effect was not as stunning as expected. On the wall the outfit was pale, the hairstyle was a bit “stiff” and the make-up turned out to be a complete failure, for which its author was blamed Magdalena Pieczonka.

Well, the Mejkap mushroom did not show off; It is enough for a make-up artist to follow the rule: first of all – do not harm. Here the make-up artist did a lot of harm; Blanka has the worst makeup at this party – Internet users wrote in the comments.

In live everything was fine, and then it turned out not to be right – Blanka commented on the second day.

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Now Magdalena Pieczonka has addressed the matter. In an interview with Jastrząb Post the make-up artist ensures that she did the same makeup as always and blames the lighting at the party.

I posted a video of Blanka, starting from me. I have no influence on the light. I painted Blanka many times on the walls and it was always good. I have not changed anything (…). Often times, it can also be light that is beyond our control – he convinces.

The journalist also suggested that maybe this Lipińska broke her makeup.

I didn’t even ask Blanka if she was adding anything. I was surprised when I saw the photos, because I did not expect such a total change of the whole imagebecause it looked completely different. It is also definitely for me for the future some lesson to know what the end result will bewhen it comes to the whole thing. They can write about me because I know what I did. I did not do anything wrong – swears Pieczonka.

The make-up artist ensures that with Blanka they are not offended by each other. You think that Lipińska will decide again sometime to put my face in her hands?

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Mrs. Pieczonka always makes the same makeup, such painted dolls come out, and she looks like that herself. it’s not a cool, light, modern makeup, just a mask. and yes, I know that the makeup on the wall is different, it should be visible, but it’s not about depriving a person of their facial features

It is not the fault of the light, but that there is simply too much makeup .. I watch Magda’s videos on YouTube and unfortunately she literally puts on a putty every time … the skin looks like wax, there is too much of everything there. I understand that this is a make-up for a wall where there are different lights, but I still think that you don’t have to repaint every possible face that much … it looks bad. And it’s not really about the light or the flash, it’s just that there’s too much makeup, it’s too heavy.

Embarrassment … a make-up artist who makes a make-up that looks good only with an insta filter and in the light of her studio and cannot make up on the wall should stay with herself when painting. Maybe it took her too long to choose makeup for herself, after all, recently she wants to shine more than the stars she paints …

Hmm, Mrs. Magda herself has changed beyond recognition and changes other women, both of them look strange

There is something wrong with the face, not with makeup …

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Last year, the last year’s bridal make-up was sung to me 5,000 and I found a different one for PLN 300, including my aunt

once so pretty, the nose had marred her

Magda, what are you raving about, you usually do the same plasters and putties, not much. A few years ago, she flashed with a redeemed follower and she broke it, see jSk beautifully freshly painted Eg Nowacka

Blanka is a pretty girl, and here is such heavy makeup. Who is painting you? An amateur apprentice?

The mushroom is about to end, it is all over the same hoof

Blanka, you look your best without makeup.

And yet, in her course and in tutorials, she repeatedly referred to makeup on the outlets, on the wall. That she knows what and how. That you need this and that. To avoid the white panda under the watchful eye and you have: check – checkmate

now even a monster can be made Kim, all you need is the right make-up, so I can say that this lady can’t paint, and don’t let her talk about nonsense! she made a terrible makeup as soon as I saw Blanie I saw immediately that it was the makeup fault!

Heavy, weighted makeup. The make-up artist flies all the clients to one hoof. Soda beats hard.

Blanka, beloved you alone at night, without a mirror, you’d better plan.

Blanka looks much better when she does her own makeup and sparingly.

Girl, are you doing plasters that only look good in your studio light? After your career, you already have one after this confession

Makeup sticks differently on such a mouth that has been injected, I don’t know if the blood is flowing differently or what it is all about, but I have noticed such a regularity. Mrs. Blanka looks like a donut in the event 🍩. The light also highlighted it.

Maybe the roasted one is too addictive and it accidentally flew over Blanka’s eyes 🤣

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