Magdalena, a tribute to tradition from DJ Guitto’s electronics

A project that unites folkloric airs with alternative ones, is led by this man from Tolima who also wants new generations to be interested in them. This is the latest topic, which will bring surprises in 2021.

A tribute to the Rio Grande de la Magdalena, based on the electronic sounds and the airs of the bagpipes, are the new bet of Dj Guitto, an artist from Tolima who even being among the mountain ranges, has a proposal where all music has a place.

This single is the third he has released as a soloist, building a powerful and mystical album that will be fully known in 2021. The song lasts more than four minutes and has, according to its composer, “ups and downs (… ) high and low flows, like the river ”.

A concept of natural awareness

According to Guitto, “’Magdalena’ refers to the Rio Grande la Magdalena, and it is as extensive as if it were the river itself. It is a song thought in its strength, in its imposing, it is loaded in certain frequencies, in certain basses, precisely to represent everything that it brings.

It has an electronic base that is quite lively, and that is accompanied by the bagpipes that give it that more sentimental, more traditional feeling; there is a big contrast between the strong and the sweetness that the instrument brings. (…) the same representation that the river has along its channel ”.

Something similar happens with other of his songs, which allude to spaces such as Dulima Mountain, Colombia and featurings with groups such as the Colectivo Algoritmo, where the Caribbean flavor predominates.

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The production

It should be noted that both the composition and production process was in charge of the artist, who from the country headquarters of Eco Music Sound, takes advantage of the proximity to nature for his creation process.

In addition, he is carrying out studies in Production at the Vonkelemen University, as a scholarship holder, along with prominent artists and mentors, such as maestro Rafa Sardina, the producer of renowned musicians such as Armando Manzanero, Calle 13 and Juanes.

“Magdalena also narrates from her graphic and musical concept, an analogy of how nature, and in this case the river recovers what is its own, of how we do not know how to take advantage of what it gives us and does what it has to do to return to its channel.

(…) My main objective as Dj Guitto is to reach young audiences, that they question themselves and say, what is that tube, that flautica? Because many of this generation have no idea what a drum is, what it is made of.

But if they see and hear it differently, they will be interested. It is to re-sow that seed of tradition, it is to revive the tradition so that it transcends, because the day the pipers die, that legacy cannot be allowed to die and it is up to us to keep the folklore alive ”, he added.

‘Triggered’ on Spotify

One of the great projections that Dj Guitto has is the important diffusion of his music, because, although it is not pigeonholed into a genre as such due to its experimentation and sum of diverse sounds, it reaches new audiences in large numbers.

And this is evidenced by its presence on digital music platforms, where in addition to songs like Dj, it also has companies like ‘Aki’ with the Colectivo Algoritmo, which have thousands of visits.

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“At the end of 2020 I hit a super delicious shot. The festivities and the launch for those dates achieved an important impact and reach, my goal for the year was 50 thousand reproductions and I ended up closing at 67 thousand, much more than I had planned.

And now the audience is growing; My number one country at the moment is the United States, followed by Holland, Italy, and others, with telling you that Colombia is seventh on the list. (…) The work that has been done is conscientious, understanding how the dynamics of this industry work.

And above all, taking step by step and rigorously, the guidelines that the Spotify publisher gives you, for example. However, we are on all platforms ”.

Disco on the way

Dj Guitto also told EL NUEVO DÍA that both this single and the previous ones released are part of the album that will have the name ‘Organic’ and will bring together nine to ten tracks.

In addition, they will have two songs featuring with local and international artists, adding lyrics, something that is important for the artist, understanding that his music, for the most part, having no voice, has been both in production and diffusion, a path more complex.

However, he affirmed that this year will be great news for his music, “I invite you to stick to the platforms and listen to this Dj Guitto project which is the coolest thing, where you will not only listen to traditional but electronic music, urban music, trap, which is what is coming (…) then cordially let them go through my profiles and catch what is in the streaming ”.

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Dj Guitto recently appeared in the virtual edition of the Disonarte Platform with a show that had all the recognitions, because together with the Algoritmo Collective, he made audiences around the world dance.


The album, Organic, will have about ten songs where there will also be featurings with local and international artists.

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