Mafias flood us with slop

For the first time, former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov answered a direct question about whether he had a relationship with Lena Borislavova, who was the head of his political office.

Petkov was asked what their relationship was by Viktor Nikolaev, the host of “Hello Bulgaria” on Nova TV.

“What has been seen is that when some politicians don’t steal, you can’t catch them for anything, you try to cover them with yellow scum. It’s beneath my dignity to pay attention to them. It was terrible, in the last day so many things we said, so many important messages we had to the next government. And at the same moment, some moment, some point of view became the news of the day whether it touches him or not. And everyone saw that it was not a fact. Everyone focused there, and not actually what is happening with the seven ships. These mobsters, whom we are making efforts to stop their money, are doing everything to slander us,” stated Kiril Petkov in response to the question.

He advised the voters that if there is any classified information, someone is trying to hide something.

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