Mafia: Definitive Edition. We needed this remake more than could be expected [RECENZJA]

Perhaps not everyone knows that games is the most profitable sector of the entertainment industry. They left behind films and music, and the gulf was deepened by a pandemic, which closed down cinemas, canceled concerts and music festivals. But where does the popularity of games come from? First of all, they give us the opportunity to participate in and influence the work. Some productions have more freedom in this regard, others less – it is important that in the game we become not only the recipient, but also the creator of the story. And every human being has a divine part of creation. Secondly, games connects two worlds, because they can be roughly divided into literature and sports. These worlds passed each other over the years, only occasionally mixing with each other, but once they found common ground, the entertainment industry had to recognize the new emperor.

So on the one hand, we have a series FIFA or NBA 2K, car racing, Fortnite and other shooters, and on the other hand, RPG series and linear action games. The former focuses on competition, the latter on the story being told. We have been listening and telling stories from the dawn of time, they are the carrier of information and life wisdom. Therefore, the Mafia series, and in particular its first part, is an excellent production for people who do not understand the phenomenon of video games. After all, who doesn’t love classic stories about Italian gangster families? And this particular one is made with panache and drama worthy of the greatest masters of the genre in the form of Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese.

How can you not love this climate? Take a look at how diligently the road was recreated Foot. Hangar 13

Going back to the division of games from the previous paragraphs, although I like the FIFA or Need for Speed ​​series, I have never been drawn to League of Legend or Counter Strike for longer. More than trying to take my skills to the championship level, I am interested in a story I can hear and in which I am given the honor of appearing as the main character. Mafia is definitely one of the best games I have played in this regard. I do not remember if I finished this production as a teenager, but it made a huge impression on me and it will remain in my memory forever. This game was already excellent in 2002 at the time of its premiere, so did it need a remaster? Yes, yes, three times yes!

Good old Mafia in new clothes

The developers left the plot template the same, which should not be surprising, as it was the most important element of the first Mafia. We are thrown into the 1930s. The United States was not only hit by the Great Depression, but also prohibition led to the development of organized crime. Our hero Tommy Angelo is an ordinary taxi driver who, as it happens, accidentally got involved with the Italian mafia in Lost Heaven.

The beginning and the end of the Mafia in one picture.  From taxi driver to gangster.The beginning and the end of the Mafia in one picture. From taxi driver to gangster. Foot. Hangar 13

But a luxurious life always comes with a sacrifice that led to Tommy now voluntarily telling his story to a detective in a typical American eatery. The story changes are cosmetic and do not make the experience of the game worse. It’s still the good old Mafia.

The Hangar 13 studio, responsible for the third part of Mafia, created the whole Mafia: Definitive Edition from scratch, using a much more advanced engine than the one from 18 years ago. The production looks amazing, the models of cars, buildings and characters are flawless. The light plays well in all this, although for some the reflections generated by the car body or the water may seem too intense.

There could be more noir climate, because it was great for the creatorsThere could be more noir climate, because it was great for the creators Foot. Hangar 13

The harvest is reaped in the post-bank robbery scene where Tommy is talking to Sarah in the kitchen in the glare of sunlight streaming through the window. Here the hair of the heroes approached the strange marriage of bronze with chrome turning into gray. Something clearly went wrong. Apart from that, the game is breathtaking as it looks, and problems happened only occasionally. In fact, I only remember one glitch when in a mission in a hotel one of the thugs becomes one with the cupboard after a directed blow. Once again, only one opponent stood still. So AI was generally doing very well.

As for the mechanics, this one has not changed much either. Driving a car, which is widely praised, deserves a distinction. You can really feel its weight, and when you skid, it’s not easy to get out of it. Driving vintage cars gives a lot of satisfaction, and this is important, because we spend a lot of time behind the wheel. The iconic race isn’t as difficult as it used to be, but it still causes problems. We can choose from several difficulty levels, including the classic one. When we turn it on, we have to be careful on the roads, because the police will chase us even for running a red light.

Why don't they design such cars anymore, what went wrong ?!Why don’t they design such cars anymore, what went wrong ?! Foot. Hangar 13

Choosing the easiest difficulty level does not make us immortal, however. You still have to use the cover system, and some missions are quite a challenge. We are happy with the treatment system based on classic first aid kits, which are placed here and there on the board and which we have to find ourselves. The finishers with which we can finish the opponent after a few hits are interesting. They differ depending on the weapon or the opponent’s position. When I got bored with the first such directed sequences, it turned out that there are more of them, and Tommy can stun the enemy with a pistol, rifle or a pipe found in prison.

Mafia: Definitive Edition is the definition of climate

Mafia: Definitive Edition has re-recorded cutscenes and dialogues. It was a bull’s eye, and the selection of new actors made the story come to life even more. On the characters’ faces you can see every grimace that makes the plot be followed with bated breath. Eye and mouth movements, facial wrinkles, and even elaborate eyelashes add to the original production a reality of experience that 18 years ago could not be achieved.

Tommy Angelo has changed somewhat over the 18 years, but he has undoubtedly gained a personal charmTommy Angelo has changed somewhat over the 18 years, but he has undoubtedly gained a personal charm Foot. Hangar 13

Two moments fell into my mind exceptionally. The first is when Paulie on the train says he’s fed up with this life, and the second, when Don Salieri tells an allegorical parable in the style of any self-respecting “godfather” to give the main character something to understand. Immersion then reached its zenith, I felt as if I had such dilemmas, and the emotions that haunted the characters seemed to be my own. Paulie, Sam, Don Salieri were perfectly matched to their roles, but I have some doubts about the main character. His swashbuckling tone reminds me a bit too much of an actor Andrew Howardem, who usually plays upright villains. In the end, however, Tommy is listened to with attention and fascination. In addition, the relations between the characters are so efficiently built that you do not feel any artificiality in them. The plot surprises, amazes and scares.

In the original Mafia, the atmosphere was also built through interactions with the environment. Here some items were taken, others added. However, when entering the cupboard, we will throw off the porcelain standing on it, which causes a smile under the mustache. We can also feel the 1930s thanks to the numerous posters on the walls in the style typical of that period. There is no shortage of pin-up girls with a rifle at Vinnie’s, or too long advertising slogans. Beautifully designed Turkish carpets are also visible throughout the game, and numerous locations such as Chinatown and the Museum create a jaw-dropping effect.

The locations in Mafia: Definitive Edition are a masterpiece, one would like more monumental galleries, banks and churches!The locations in Mafia: Definitive Edition are a masterpiece, one would like more monumental galleries, banks and churches! Foot. Hangar 13

In one of the first missions, we learn that a taxi ride costs 30-50 cents, which allows us to empathize with America from almost a hundred years ago. The plot of the series “Lovecraft Land” was set in a similar period, so the similarities are visible to the naked eye. It is a pity that the Mafia lacks black heroes (which I noticed thanks to the aforementioned series) who would make the game even more real.

Panorama Lost HeavenPanorama Lost Heaven Foot. Hangar 13

The climate is also dense in an abandoned prison, where the homeless people living there lament their fate and refer to the Great Depression, mention that not so long ago they had a great square. You can read various inscriptions on the walls of buildings that allow you to feel the tragedy of people affected by the collapse on the New York Stock Exchange. The whole thing is closed with music and an information radio from the car. Jazz, blues and swing ultimately make you feel like a community of the 1930s.

Mafia: Definitive Edition is the ultimate proof that remakes are worth doing

The Mafia deserved a remake because in 2002 the industry didn’t have the opportunities it does now. 18 years ago, heroes could not look and sound as real as they do in the Definitve Edition. In an efficiently told story, it is the details that make it outstanding, and this is also the case here. One of the advantages of games is that they faithfully recreate our past, allow us to better understand people and explore locations that we wouldn’t normally see. They are a simulation of life and its most interesting stories, therefore, when we can feel them with our whole being, we feel fulfilled as if we lived through this unreal story. The mafia stirs all the excitement in turn, and its remake took that to an even higher level.

Lost Heaven is wonderful and only asks for the opportunity to visit itLost Heaven is wonderful and only asks for the opportunity to visit it Foot. Hangar 13

One review said it was America’s best gang game of years. 30. It is impossible to disagree with it, because it is probably the only such production. Even if it were otherwise, Mafia: Definitive Edition would wipe the competition off the board. Ultimately, after 20 hours of playing, I feel satisfied, but at the same time I’m hungry. The creators did not want to introduce too much new, so the changes are small. This is a bit of a missed opportunity, as the Hangar 13 team has created a large, beautiful city that we don’t have much opportunity to explore. The mafia story seems to be a perfect fit to add at least some side missions that would put us even more in the atmosphere. Would the character of Tommye and the story of the game suffer? After all, in his story he was promoted quickly and maybe a little needlework and forced not to suit him? Or maybe Tommy wanted to introduce himself this way? Nevertheless, this is a game, not a movie, the main plot would rather not lose a lot on adding at least a few smaller side missions, and we would get a chance to get lost in Lost Heaven, see slums and smoky jazz clubs, where we could listen to music, promote someone, we would know the nightlife and the dark face of the crisis, the contrasts of American society and what Prohibition did with it. Is this a missed opportunity? Perhaps, because who knows if it will be possible to make another such game, after all, each next one will be compared to the one where in the end everything was in its place. The creators of such atmospheres are faced with an extremely difficult task, which they may manage to cope with and satisfy the fans, for which we keep our fingers crossed.

And finally, some people will say that nothing would change the game, because the Mafia is a concise, refined and closed story, others would reply that, following the example of modern productions, side missions would be useful. I would simply talk about unused potential, which, however, does not interfere in any way and does not offend Mafia: Definitive Edition.

Rating: 9/10

A copy of the game for review was provided by its distributor, Cenega.

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