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Julia Kuczyska is born! Maffashion published a charming frame in the media in which Sebastian Fabijaski hugs the baby. The actor also showed a photo of his beloved with the child.

Julia Kuczyska was born. Sebastian Fabijaski and Maffashion became parents. I the baby was born on September 10, 2020.

The happy lovers only a few days after the birth of their marriage did not share the happy news with their fans. Intimate frames with a newborn appeared on the actor’s and blogger’s Instagram profiles. There was a lot of congratulations under the lovely photos!

Maffashion i Sebastian Fabijaski

A favorite of thousands of Internet users and an actor they started dating in 2019. As Kuczyska herself admits – despite various differences, they fit each other very well – it was an “amora’s arrow”.

There must be some similarities in a relationship, and there must be some opposites to keep it interesting. I have already found out that this is a topic that is very interesting in the media and that it is a bit of a lure, because something that is so unobvious is arousing for discussion and reflection. Regardless of the media coverage of my previous relationships, I always keep the topic of family and home away from what I publish online.

Affection blossomed and familiarity developed very quickly. In December of the same year, the media reported that Maffashion and Fabijaski were married. The blogger with a ring on her ring finger even posed for a session in “Fashion Magazine”. Some time later, information about the pregnancy began to appear. A couple who dutifully protect privacy On September 10, 2020, she welcomes her first child to the world.

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Maffashion and Sebastian Fabijaski intimately. Julia Kuczyska publishes a unique recording [WIDEO]

At the end of August, the media circulated information about Maffashion. Julia Kuczyska and Sebastian Fabijaski officially confirmed that they would soon become parents. Now, intimate frames with her beloved appeared on the blogger’s Instagram profile.

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