Maestro Viktor Chuchkov: COVID passes easily with the needle (Video)

Why people with obesity and chronically ill children yes are vaccinated? Do I need it booster? All answers and many personal stories – in one place

Why are people with obesity at higher risk of hospitalization and death from COVID? What is the relationship between poor immunization and the emergence of new mutants of the virus? Why it is important for children with chronic diseases to be protected, what to do if I am planning a baby, when it is time for a booster – these and many other questions are answered by experts in the new platform “Plus Me”. And on the YouTube channel, famous people share their personal stories.

The information campaign of the Ministry of Health started this month. After 2 years of pandemic, there is already reliable information about the benefits of vaccines and how to learn to live with COVID in the future. The pandemic is not over, and over 92% of those admitted to hospitals in our country have not been vaccinated, said Health Minister Prof. Asena Serbezova. The site is

The virtuoso pianist and composer tells his story about the virus in a video that begins with the children’s song “Rainbow” and ends with “Love Dreams” by Liszt

Music and medicine have a lot in common. I grew up in a medical family, but my father and mother were very musical. My sister, who also graduated in medicine and is a microbiologist, is an excellent pianist. She was adamant that our family should be vaccinated against COVID-19.

This was told to “24 Chasa” by maestro Viktor Chuchkov, who is among the faces of the campaign of the Ministry of Health in support of the “Plus Men” vaccination and participates in a special video.

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In it, the virtuoso pianist and composer openly shares his own encounter with the disease.

The problem with the professor is

heart surgery

8 years ago, performed by another famous professor – cardiac surgeon Gencho Nachev. Therefore, there is a risk of infection being dangerous.

Maestro Chuchkov does not fail to sit at the piano to address the viewers on the YouTube channel of the campaign – another proof that music and medicine are connected with him.

It begins with a phrase from the popular children’s song “Please tell me no joke who drew this rainbow …” – composed by him, she made Bulgaria famous first at the festival in Bologna, and then throughout Europe. The boy who performed it then was his son Borislav. Today he and his brother Victor are known as the tandem “Chuchkov Brothers”, which is behind some of the most successful Bulgarian films of recent years such as “photo with Yuki”, “Tilt”, “Singing Shoes” and “18% Gray”. And the professor wrote the unique music for the last three.

The maestro ended his story with COVID with the romantic nocturne of Ferenc Liszt’s “Love Dreams”.

The vaccine does not cure, but protects, Chuchkov explains. It provides a basis for a smoother course, said the professor, who had the disease at the beginning of the pandemic.

He says he didn’t even have a fever, but because of heart surgery, which makes him vulnerable to complications, his sons insisted he stay in hospital for a few days. He is feeling well today. And for that

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good music


the maestro can present a lot of evidence. Like how when you broke your thumb ten years ago. “I was in a hurry for somewhere and literally flew up the stairs at the Music Academy. My finger went into the railing, and I overtook him “, he describes the misfortune. In Pirogov, while listening to a fixation plate, he listened to Mozart’s wonderful music. He is convinced that the doctors did not release it especially for him, but are used to sounding in the operating room.

He also remembers the great organist Albert Schweizer, who went to Africa and set up a hospital with his own funds.

Music crosses borders, the world has no doors for it, and classical music has not gone out for more than 400 years.

“I have planned to do something about what we have been waking up to in recent days with great fear. The war is a great threat to all “, says the maestro about his idea for a new composition and wishes both the war and the pandemic to end an hour soon.

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