Maestro Salzburg corrects the “six”! – Runner-up without conceding a goal.

The Bulls fix the “six” in the championship beaten against Bolzano

After four defeats in a row, the champions celebrated a 5:2 victory in Innsbruck on Friday and also started the game with a lot of self-confidence in the endless duel against Bolzano on Sunday. After just over 15 minutes, Peter Schneider made it 1-0 (17th). When Dominique Heinrich played 768 in the Red Bulls shirt, the hosts increased the number of hits in the second half and went 3-0 (31st/36th) through Benjamin Nissner and Lucas Thaler. The visitors, recently without conceding two goals, remained stinging and made it before the second-half buzzer to make it 3-1 with former bull Gazley scoring once again against his former colleagues.

In the final section the game got increasingly flat and the Bulls took the lead in the half. McIlvane’s crew secured a six-point weekend after a string of losses. “Maybe we can start a winning streak now,” said Dominique Heinrich after the 3-1 win against Bozen. Next Tuesday, the champions will be able to play at HC Pustertal before going to the KAC on Friday.

Ice Hockey League | Season 2022/2023
Red Bull Salzburg against HCB Südtirol 3:1 (1:0/2:1/0:0)

1:0 |17.| Peter Schneider PP1
2:0 |31.| Benjamin Nissner
3:0 |36.| Luke Thaler
3:1 |38.| Dustin Gazley

victories for the Carinthian clubs

Two days after the 344th Carinthian derby, which VSV won in a thrilling game 5:4 after the penalty shoot-out, Villach and KAC were able to celebrate on Sunday. While Adler swept the Vienna Capitals off the ice 5:2 and impressively converted a 0:2 deficit, Klagenfurt won 3:1 at home against Ljubljana.

Fehervar remains without a goal

Vice-champion Fehervar defeated Asiago and beat the newcomer 3-0 in the league.

Sunday’s results at a glance:
Red Bull Salzburg against HC Bolzano 3:1
EC KAC vs. Olympia Ljubljana 3:1
Fehervar AV19 against Asiago 3:00
EC VSV vs Vienna Capitals 5:2

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