Madrid proposes that primary schools can open their doors starting Monday for students with greater difficulties | Economy

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has announced this Thursday that some “primary school students are going to be able to return to class normally” next Monday if the region goes to phase 2 and is authorized by the Ministry of Health. From phase 3, nursery schools would be opened, according to the plans of the Community collected by Europa Press.

The Ministry of Education has pointed out during the last days that, starting from phase 2, “probably” on Monday the primary students who the centers have detected that they have had learning problems in distance education can return “voluntarily” to receive tutorials or face-to-face classes. Thus, “in the event of authorization from the Ministry of Health,” certain students with reinforcement needs will be allowed to attend class when the region enters phase 2. In case of passing phase, from 8 June, the centers may organize “reinforcement sessions” for some students with greater difficulties derived from the “temporary suspension of face-to-face teaching activities”. The attendance of the students will be, in any case, voluntary.

As long as the Ministry of Health authorizes it, it will be the “centers themselves” that will determine those students who, based on the “limitation or lack of means and resources of access to distance learning” as well as those with greater difficulties during these months they need to receive these “booster sessions”. In parallel, until the end of the current course, the centers will continue the distance learning activities for the rest of the students.

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During the Control Session of the Government in the Plenary this Thursday, the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, said that “there is great uncertainty in all administrations” and has urged to open a debate on the next course.

The Community of Madrid demanded flexibility from phase 1, which was rejected, and which would have allowed the students who require educational reinforcement and those of 2nd Bachillerato who are going to prepare for the EVAU, as transferred by Ossorio, to have returned on June 1. .

The Community of Madrid and the Ministry of Health will sit again this Thursday to address the progress of the region to phase 2 of the de-escalation from Monday June 8. The epicenter territory of the coronavirus managed to go to phase 1 after two attempts and the resignation of the general director of Health, who did not agree to request the phase change. Madrid has been in phase 1 for the two weeks stipulated by Health in order to advance to the next stadium.

“Since the phases are very stipulated, we need to continue moving forward,” Ayuso recently explained, insisting that the productive sectors of the Community of Madrid were having “very serious losses.” Health refused to authorize the flexibility measures that the regional Executive had requested, such as the opening of shopping centers with limited capacity, the elimination of strolling times or the return to class of students of 2nd Baccalaureate to prepare the Access Assessment to the University (EvAU).


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