Madrid Introduces Child Immunization against RSV for Babies under 6 Months

This autumn, the Community of Madrid will incorporate child immunization against the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which causes bronchiolitis in children. breastfed babies under six months. It will be from October. The bronchiolitis that leads babies to hospital admission is usually caused by a complication of the Respiratory Syncytial Virus and seriously affects 1 in 56 healthy, non-preterm babies.

As the acting Minister of Health has advanced this Saturday, Enrique Ruiz Escuderothe process will be carried out in public hospitals with a specific summons system that will open after the summer.

With this initiative, the Community of Madrid will become “one of the first regions” to facilitate immunization against RSVthe main cause of lower respiratory tract infections such as bronchiolitis or pneumonia, and in line with its decision announced in March to implement preventive measures before the next RSV epidemic season, usually during autumn and winter.

As explained by the counselor in office, the General Directorate of Public Health of the Community of Madrid has already started the procedures for the acquisition of doses of the monoclonal antibody Niservimaband is finalizing the design of the Surveillance and Control Protocol for RSV bronchiolitis, which includes expanding the surveillance method for this disease, as well as the organization and logistics for the administration of this new immunization in October.

Respiratory syncytial virus (VRS)

Respiratory Syncytial Virus is a common and contagious seasonal pathogen that infects the lower respiratory tract, most commonly affecting infants. Generally, the detection of cases of infection by this virus increases from October, reaching its epidemic peak between December and January.

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Bronchiolitis could spread to spring and summer, according to experts

This virus is the cause of most bronchiolitis and pneumonia among babies under one year of age and the leading cause of hospitalization among infants.

In Spain, 78% of severe cases of bronchiolitis are caused by RSV and it is estimated that almost 30% of healthy children hospitalized for RSV will require intensive care.

In the Community of Madrid, last year 92% of the cases of RSV infection that required hospital admission were under one year of age.

They study a vaccine for pregnant women that will protect the baby from the Respiratory Syncytial Virus

The maximum incidence peak was reached in epidemiological week 47 with an incidence of 400 urgent admissions/100,000 inhabitants.

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