Madrid Hosts World Music Summit with Primavera Pro and Live Stream Performances

Madrid becomes this weekend the world center of music of all tendencies and it does so beyond Arganda del Rey.

The City of Rock is not the only venue for Primavera Sound. In the capital, more than 250 artists from 15 countries unite their talent through the Primavera Pro.

From here will come the successes of tomorrow. Epicenter of musical creation worldwide. A music composition campus sponsored by Sony Music. “Follow the song” It is a meeting to share musical talent and exchange of experiences.

Renowned artists such as Clean Bandit have collected recognition at these facilities.

Parallel activities to Primavera Sound that add to the rise of Live Stream. Amazon Music broadcasts live and exclusively the best performances.

Los aficionados they will be able to create their own festival content for a unique experience.

2023-06-10 14:06:42
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