Madiun Health Office recorded 212 DB cases during January-August 2022

Madiun (ANTARA) – The Madiun District Health Office, East Java, recorded 212 cases of dengue fever (DB) during January to early August 2022 in the local area.

“Db cases are quite high. There are at least 200 more cases from January 2022 to early August,” said Head of Disease Prevention and Control, Madiun District Health Office, Anies Djaka in Madiun, Tuesday.

According to him, the high number of dengue fever cases in his area is influenced by the erratic weather, such as it still rains during the dry season. This causes mosquitoes carrying the dengue virus to breed rapidly.

According to the data, in every month, there are quite a lot of cases of dengue fever. Where, in January there were 70 cases, February 35 cases, March 21 cases, April 22 cases, May 25 cases, June 14 cases, July 20 cases, and until August 9 there were five cases.

“Of the more than 200 cases of dengue fever, two of them were recorded as having died,” he said.

Anies Djaka said that DB cases are predicted to continue. Moreover, it still rains occasionally during the dry season. It is possible that puddles of water will continue to emerge as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

To prevent dengue fever, the Madiun District Health Office appealed to the community to promote the Mosquito Nest Eradication (PSN) program.

He added that public hygiene through PSN would greatly assist the government in efforts to control dengue fever.

“Not only PSN through 3M. But there must also be additional efforts. For example, using anti-mosquito cream, installing mosquito nets on the bed and others,” he said.

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In addition, the Madiun Regency Government also carried out fogging or “fogging” in areas where there were many cases of dengue fever.

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