Madison Anderson’s partner, Conn Davis, removes pictures with “House of Famous 3” star from social media.

If something true is repeated in each “show” of “The house of celebritieshosted by the Guatemalan presenter Hector Sandarti and the Mexican journalist Jimena Gallego is that inside the mansion everything is magnified.

Sometimes, some of the lawsuits or situations that are experienced in the competition affect the family and friends of the participants who seek to obtain the grand prize of $200,000. This season has not been the exception.

One of the most recent cases has to do with Conn Davisthe sentimental partner of the Puerto Rican model Madison Anderson Berrios. The businessman, who, according to his expressions, had tried to remain discreet, was not spared from some users of the social networkswho went to their personal accounts with malicious messages.

The businessman published a screenshot of one of the malicious messages left on his Instagram account. (Instagram)

Therefore, whoever sent dozens of sunflowers to the Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019 through a helicopter directly to “The house of celebrities”, he took drastic measures. Last week, Davis removed from his profile Instagram the photos in which he appeared in the company of Anderson Berríos, which caused a stir among fans of the “reality”.

The businessman, who has been in a relationship with the model for three months, also found it necessary to limit the comments on his publications. Yesterday, Monday, he expressed himself about it from his Instagram stories.

“I support Madison, (but) I’m closing my social networks because I’m sick of having dozens of messages like this a day for 11 weeks,” he explained along with a screenshot of a message that was sent to him privately about his partner and the Colombian Jose Rodriguez.

“Stop starting rumors and attacking people,” he pleaded. “It’s disgusting. She deserves your full support. I never wanted to be on a ‘reality show’, she did. That is her dream, I have a business to run. Leave me alone”.

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