MADE IN FRANCE: The first Saunier jewelry corner in a Galeries Lafayette store opens in Dijon

In the world of jewelry, Saunier is positioned as “a benevolent and positive brand which affirms the choice to consume better by promoting its French know-how”. Launched in early 2020, the brand is based on the century-old workshops of Maison Altesse in Ardèche and is expanding today by opening spaces in department stores.

In September, Renaissance Luxury Group is opening two Saunier corners in Galeries Lafayette stores, the first in Dijon on September 16, the second in Lyon Bron on September 29.

The group’s objective is to “revive the sleeping beauty of Living Heritage”. Through these locations, it intends to confirm its dynamism around its brand new brand of “timeless jewelry made in France”. By the end of 2020, Saunier aims to be present in 300 multi-brand jewelry stores and to have 5 corners in department stores.

“Highlighting the classics of jewelry”

The Saunier brand was launched at the start of 2020 with “the desire to highlight the classics of jewelry” explains Renaissance Luxury Group. However, the know-how is old, the pieces being made in the “jewel valley” in Ardèche.

To the challenge of made in France, Saunier adds a taste for sustainability with an environmentally friendly manufacturing method that goes against the dictates of “fast-fashion”. The jewels come out of the workshops of Maison Altesse founded at the beginning of the 20th century by Georges Legros. This is where the wire drawing, knitting, stamping and polishing operations are carried out as well as the electroplating before a protective passage with rhodium.

Saunier shares his destiny with the Georgettes since it is the same Parisian style office that designs the creations of the two brands, “precious, unique, timeless creations accessible to all and carrying meaning” according to Renaissance Luxury Group.

“A differentiating iconic collection”

Responsible for the Georgettes and Saunier corners within the Galeries Lafayette in Dijon, Mauricette Decoeur has more than thirty years of experience within the Altesse house. In his eyes, this is a “return to first love” with the creation of a new “great classic in jewelry”.

The jewels are made in gold plated, in 925 / 1000th silver or in mother-of-pearl and zirconium oxide for prices varying between 30 and 100 €. On a base of copper and brass alloy, the gold plating is carried out by electroplating, “it does not move at all” explains Mauricette Decoeur.

The flagship products are fine chains, signet rings, bangle bracelets or even creole earrings, the window of which inevitably attracts attention. The range is complete with pieces for women, men and children. The Saunier brand claims a “differentiating iconic collection [qui] is punctuated by new products marked with modernity every season ”.

Next to the Espace des Georgettes, the nine-window stand is easily noticed when customers use the escalator, thus ensuring visibility as soon as it is installed in the department store. To mark the launch of the new space, a competition is being offered to try to win a Saunier bracelet and a sample of Ardèche chestnut cream will be offered to the first hundred customers.

Jean-Christophe Tardivon

Useful information

Galeries Lafayette
41/49, rue de la Liberté in Dijon
Saunier stand on the ground floor

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