Maddie McCann – lawyer speaks exclusively on RTL: Christian B. is not a psychopathic monster!

Maddie McCann’s case: Christian B.’s lawyer hands out against the investigators

Christian B. is said to have kidnapped and killed Maddie McCann. The Braunschweig public prosecutor is convinced of this. But the suspect was not heard in the case. That’s what lawyer Friedrich Fülscher says in the exclusive RTL interview. He defends Christian B. In addition, lawyer Fülscher was not given access to the files of the public prosecutor’s office. Therefore, it is still not known why investigators think Christian B. is suspicious of kidnapping and killing Maddie McCann. You can see the interview with defense lawyer Friedrich Fülscher in the video.

Christian B. a “friendly conversation partner”

In order to file charges and get them admitted, it is necessary that a conviction is more likely than an acquittal. According to defense lawyer Fülscher, there is no such suspicion of sufficient crime in the case of Christian B. Fülscher is certain: “The public prosecutor apparently shot himself at our client and is now trying to solve their need for evidence by bending and breaking.”

He said of his client: “I experience him as a very calm and friendly person to talk to, and the atmosphere has always been very pleasant.” He could not confirm the picture of the psychopathic monster.

TVNOW documentary on the missing person Maddie McCann


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