Macron: ‘We will never give up cartoons’ | Abroad

At the Sorbonne University in Paris, Paty was posthumously awarded the highest French civilian award, the Légion d’Honneur. There were 400 guests, including relatives of the history and geography teacher. His coffin was there with French flags as students, a friend and a fellow teacher paid tribute to Paty.

Paty, according to Macron, was a victim of “cowards,” while representing the secular and democratic values ​​of the French republic. “He was killed because Islamists want our future,” said Macron, who assured they never will.

On Sunday, thousands of people gathered in the Parisian Place de République to commemorate Paty. In other French cities the teacher was also commemorated.

18-year-old Chechen Muslim extremist Abdullakh Anzorov was shot dead by police after the murder. French justice is prosecuting seven suspects, including two school students aged 14 and 15, for “conspiring to commit a terrorist murder.”

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