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During WWDC20, apple macOS Big Sur proudly showed to the public. We were introduced to a fresh look, new features such as widgets and the control center, and much more. Yet that is by far not the only thing that will change. Apple also tackles installing new updates with macOS Big Sur.

It is important to keep your iMac or MacBook up to date. However, an update can also be very annoying. Especially when you don’t actually have the time. An update can take quite a long time and in the meantime there is nothing you can do. This keeps you clicking “ ask tomorrow ” when macOS reminds you to install a new update.

macOS Big Sur will make updating faster

That is going to change in Big Sur. On the Apple website you can read that the update process will run faster and, more importantly, that this will be done in the background. This way it should become easier to keep your Mac up to date.

Once macOS Big Sur is installed, software updates begin in the background and complete faster than before — so it’s easier than ever to keep your Mac up to date and secure.

In previous versions of macOS, the preparation and installation itself largely take place during the startup process. This means that you are staring at a bar that fills up slowly when starting up. But you will undoubtedly be familiar with that.

On the background

It is not stated what updating within macOS Big Sur will look like in practice. It is expected to look a bit more like updating iOS. The update and all necessary files are prepared and prepared in the background on your iPhone. Eventually you will have to restart the device, but most of the work has already been done.

Get started with macOS Big Sur

The latest version of macOS is currently in beta for developers. The first public beta is expected to become available later this month. Don’t feel like going out with a beta? Then you will have to wait a while. Big Sur is expected in the fall.

Curious about what’s new in macOS Big Sur? Then click here.

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