Mackenzie Scott, the billionaire who married, is a geography teacher

Until 2019, little was known about Mackenzie Scott, then Mackenzie Bezos.

She was the smiling but quiet presence of one of the richest men in the world until the end of their 25-year marriage.

The divorce made Mackenzie the fourth richest woman in the world, and interest in her personal life skyrocketed.

Many call her a “gold digger,” but without Scott, in fact, there might not be an Amazon as we know it.

She met Jeff Bezos in 1993, when they both worked for a hedge fund in New York. Bezos has to interview Mackenzie and is immediately impressed by her sharp mind and ambition. She was born on April 7 and according to people who believe in astrology, is a typical representative of the zodiac sign Aries – assertive, brave and stubborn.

It’s a fact that Miss Scott gets the job right away, and her office is only a few steps away from Bezos’s, and it’s a fact that sparks fly between the two. “How can you not fall in love with this charming laugh?” Mackenzie said in an interview with Vogue magazine. She added that she had heard Jeff laughing all day and that was enough for her to fall for him.

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And although the businessman is just as fascinated by his colleague, Mackenzie is the one who takes the first step and one day invites him to lunch. From there, the events unfold dizzyingly – after only three months the couple is engaged, and after six they say their coveted “Yes”.

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In the same interview for Vogue’s Jeff Bezos describes his wife as “inventive, smart, but also sexy.”

Bezos admits that even while reading Scott’s autobiography, he was very impressed and had a particularly good feeling. The feeling of the entrepreneur was confirmed, and later the young family decided to replace New York with Seattle. Mackenzie’s idea is for the two to start an online business, Jeff just chooses to sell books.

For many years, Bezos has been a happy and close-knit family, although Amazon has become a multimillion-dollar company. Jeff is one of the men who calls his wife, asks her what size dresses or shoes she wears, and when asked why she asks, he smiles and says “it’s none of your business.” The businessman states that he recommends this approach to every married man.

Mackenzie, on the other hand, is not only predictable when it comes to business ideas, but she is also a talented writer. In the years that Bezos developed her company, she was actively involved in writing and had two novels, one of which the Los Angeles Times described as “Book of the Year 2005”.

Household tasks help to calm down and concentrate

“Irresistible differences in character” is the official reason Mackenzie announces her breakup with Jeff Bezos.

This is one of the most talked about divorces in history, but in fact Scott separates his ex-husband calmly and without unnecessary scandals. He refuses to put forward any argument other than that he and Jeff already have insurmountable differences in character and it is wiser to end their marriage.

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Mackenzie also did not comment on rumors of Bezos’ infidelity and extramarital affairs. Instead, social media says the two remain friends who will share parenting with their children. “I’m grateful for the past and looking forward to the future,” said Scott.

In the months after the divorce, she indulged in another passion – charity. Mackenzie received $ 38 billion and donated money to a number of foundations, including those that feed socially disadvantaged families, help relatives of coronavirus victims, and study autism and mental disorders.

In an essay for Medium magazine in July 2020, Scott wrote that this was far from all and that he would still seek to distribute the money received after the divorce. “This is a task that I am starting now and will continue for at least a few years,” Mackenzie said.

However, the billions do not prevent her from finding love again, in the person of a geography teacher.

On March 9, 2021, Scott said “Yes” to Dan Juet, a teacher at one of her children at his school in Seattle. The news of the wedding was published on The Giving Pledge, a charity founded by Bill and Melinda Gates, in which Mackenzie also has a stake.

It is clear from the publication that it was charity that brought together Scott and Juet.

Well, apparently Mackenzie has once again achieved “with one blow – two rabbits” – a new love in her life, but also a new ally in her intention to do good for those who do not have her luck and destiny.


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