Macedonia does not want to enter the EU, they will still have problems with the Albanians

The protests in North Macedonia are massive and well organized by VMRO-DPMNE, but they do not have a clear concept of what they are protesting against. This was commented by the Macedonian journalist Vladimir Perev, specifying that the loudest voice was that there would be a “Bulgarianization” of North Macedonia.

Perev described the protests as “chauvinist” and “anti-Bulgarian”. He explicitly emphasized that everything that Serbia could not say against Bulgaria, Macedonia did after the Second World War.

Offensive and vulgar chants against the European Union and Bulgaria were heard last night during the second protest in front of the building of the Macedonian…

For Perev, these protests are a provocation to Greece as well. I don’t know what is going on because Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis supports North Macedonia’s membership in the EU, he added. And in an official message to the editorial mail of from VMRO-DPMNE say they want declassification of the protocol with the French proposal. Someone in Bulgaria has he seen a second letter of Macron – if so, it must be seen, Prof. Kiril Topalov insisted. It is unclear – Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska says there is no such thing, he added.

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The official authorities, as well as the opposition, do not want to enter the EU, but use the Bulgarians as an alibi. First, then fraud will be smaller. Second – Serbia does not let them go, and Serbia does what “mother Russia” says. Prof. Kiril Topalov stated this to BNT. In response, Vlado Perev disagreed about the stealing – “Bulgaria is a good example”, he specified the situation with thefts regardless of whether you are in the EU or not.

Prof. Topalov agreed that since things are going like this, maybe Albania and North Macedonia should separate on the way to the EU. They are yet to have problems with the Albanians, he predicted and emphasized: “They can only rely on Bulgaria.”

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama called on North Macedonia to accept the so-called French proposal to the EU to lift the Bulgarian veto against S…

I doubt that the Macedonian government will fall now, said Vlado Perev. So far, he sees no withdrawal of Albanian support for the Kovacevski government.

120,000 Macedonians have Bulgarian passports, with proper documents – baptismal certificates, etc., while officially there are only 2-3,000 Bulgarians, Prof. Topalov joined in. And Perev was categorical that now at the demonstrations there are even people who received education in Bulgaria, but now they speak against Bulgaria. According to him, nobody in Macedonia really wants to meet history.

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