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MacBook Pro benchmark test results with M1 processor

The tables of unbranded tests of Geekbench 5 show the results achieved by the MacBook Pro equipped with the M1 processor. The results are similar to those achieved by the model Air z czipem Apple Silicon.

The latest MacBook Pro scored 1,719 and 7377 points in single and multi-thread tests, respectively. As a reminder, the MacBook Air scores are 1687 and 7433.

Apple Silicon

Shortly after the presentation of notebooks with the M1 processor, it was wondered if both models are equipped with exactly the same chip. It was wondered whether it was possible that computers intended for two different target groups could be equipped with the same processor. Similar performance results may indicate that this is the case.

It is worth adding that the new MacBooks were at the top of the list with the results of single-threaded tests. The mid-2020 iMac with a 10-core Intel Core i9 processor came in third with 1,251 points. The ranking of multithreaded tests is a bit worse, but still not bad. The new computers were ahead of the 16-inch MacBook Pro with Intel Core i9 processors.

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