MacBook Pro 2021 has ‘High Power Mode’! (Most expensive model only) Leak

Apple spent much of the time introducing the new MacBook Pro 2021, talking about the M1 Pro and M1 Max processors. By promising simply brutal performance, and of course, a continued focus on energy efficiency.

But with the M1 Pro and M1 Max being the ‘Fat’ versions of the SoC M1 that got so much buzz in 2020, their focus is obviously on performance first, and efficiency second. That’s exactly why at least one of the chip versions will have a ‘High Power Mode’! That will put it to its fullest potential, and it will also make the refrigeration system work in earnest.

However, it is a mode that will only be available on 16” models, in the ‘Max’ version of the processor.

MacBook Pro 2021 will have “High Power Mode’! (Only the most expensive model)

So, in the Monterey operating system, we can see some references to the High Power Mode that we mentioned above. Which is? Well, when active, the functionality allows to optimize the SoC’s performance, in order to support heavier tasks, and of course, it can result in a louder noise, coming from the computer’s cooling systems.

However, although we can find the hidden functionality in macOS, it will only be available for the 16” model equipped with the M1 Max chip. That is, if you have a MacBook Pro with the M1 Pro, or the ‘oldest’ one. M1, there is no high performance mode for you.

So to be aware, MacBook Pro notebooks with support for this feature start at $3499.

The M1 Pro has the same 10 cores and processing on the CPU side, getting 16 cores on the GPU side, while the M1 Max gets 32 cores. So it’s unclear why Apple only ‘offers’ functionality to the Max model.


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